SproutLoud Adds AutoEnroll Feature Enhancement to Already Robust Automated Mailing Options

AutoEnroll takes automated mailing campaigns to a whole new level.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, March 20, 2009 --(PR.com)-- SproutLoud Media Networks, LLC (www.sproutloud.com) today announced AutoEnroll as their newest feature enhancement being added to their already robust automated direct mail options.

“AutoEnroll takes automated mailing campaigns to a whole new level,” stated Gary Ritkes, Managing Director of Sales. “Our customers and their distributed marketers are extremely excited about the power of this new enhancement. Literally, in minutes instead of days or weeks a long-term on-going campaign can be launched throughout an entire distribution channel for the complete life cycle of the campaign.”

AutoEnroll allows the primary business to establish a campaign, set a delivery cycle they choose over any period of time and immediately deploy it to their sales network. Channels may select to participate in whatever way best suits their needs and budget.

Many businesses choose to incentivize their channels with co-op funds. AutoEnroll, like all SproutLoud mailing options, can utilize the extensive co-op funds management tools to seamlessly process, distribute and account for fund allocations.

SproutLoud’s adaptable list management tools allow every distributor the ability to upload a list, select the number of recipients for each mailing and the program automatically cycles through the list. Individual records may be added to the rotation cycle and/or special lists may be uploaded to substitute for specific mailings. Combined mailings ensure all participants enjoy the benefit of high volume discounts whether they have many recipients or only a single one.

Anjan Upadhya, SproutLoud’s Managing Director of Technology and Software, stated, “AutoEnroll demonstrates our focus on creating features and functionalities that allow our clients the ability to concentrate on their core business vs. wasting time on inefficient processes.”

Jared Shusterman, Founder and Managing Director, added, “SproutLoud is committed to helping our clients grow their business by providing solutions that improve efficiencies, decrease expenses, expedite time-to-market, and enable their sales channels to more effectively sell their products and services.”

About SproutLoud Media Networks, LLC

Headquartered in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, SproutLoud Media Networks, LLC is a leading edge high technology company providing an all-in-one web-based solution, SproutNet, for companies, franchisors, and distributed marketers to more immediately and effectively distribute their product information, marketing programs, materials, and campaigns throughout their entire sales channel network.

SproutNet’s powerful yet easy-to-use features and functionality include brand management, campaign automation and reporting, one-to-one marketing, list management , digital asset customization and personalization, email, direct mail with no minimums, print-on-demand, all immediately deployable throughout all types of distribution channels. In addition, SproutNet’s highly flexible, fully automated co-op funds management streamlines and simplifies the process providing the ability for companies to optimize co-op funds usage.

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