OMS OnSite Lights Dark Economy for Agencies and Clients

Cincinnati, OH, March 20, 2009 --( OMS OnSite, a division of Cincinnati-based OMS Photo, a 22-year-old leading commercial photography and creative resource firm, has found a winning method of attacking the darkness of today’s difficult economy for agencies and their clients. It enables clients to actually grow their businesses for free by adding in-house creative capabilities (including photography, post-capture photo work, graphic design, videography and editing, production and post production) tools, and creative human resources without any capital investment or overhead whatsoever, and without locking themselves in to long term or exclusive contracts.

OMS installs and manages custom, outsourced, in-house photo and other creative resource studios, (sometimes called insourcing) on their clients’ premises and/or in the field, a revolutionary service concept first pioneered by the top Cincinnati vendor a dozen years ago and unmatched by any other supplier. In response to the growth in usage of stock photography, OMS OnSite established an alternative way to buy product-specific custom photography by combining it with the convenience of an in-house studio that has no investment or overhead for clients. Many full service ad agencies, branding agencies and packaging design studios have already employed OMS OnSite, with very satisfying results.

A key feature for agencies, as well as manufacturers and retailers, is that they, not OMS, own the rights to the images created at OMS OnSites. They, not OMS, receive the usage fees for those images. This allows agencies to create and expand true and meaningful profit centers where none existed before (or where one already had been formed but entails overhead needing to be shed), without having to make any capital investment, long-term commitment, or exclusivity agreements.

Typical of its innovative approach, OMS was one of the earliest pioneers of digital still photography when it all began in the early 1990’s. Now once again it is an early adaptor of new technology by using the new “Red One”, the revolutionary ultra hi-res digital motion picture camera adored by many well known directors that is changing the feature film landscape forever. This astounding camera enables OMS to bring top quality digital cinematography to its OnSite clients for video work and even broadcast. OMS previously expanded it’s own capabilities to include graphic design and more recently production and postproduction services.

“We have figured out a way to expand our clients’ creative capabilities while cutting their costs tremendously and even generating serious incremental profits for them. Our OnSite business model makes perfect economic and creative sense for the users especially in this tough economy. We hand our clients a menu of investment-free creative work solutions that put money in their pockets to save jobs or go right to their bottom line,” states Erik Owen, founding partner of OMS and head of the OnSite division.

“The OnSites deliver consistency, convenience, speed, and high quality at better than a great price (actually a profit center) while keeping creative control in the hands of our clients. By expanding our capabilities even further, we have opened Pandora’s box with the paradigm break from the old service models where people and product travel to shoots,” continues Owen. “Now in addition to photography, clients are in-sourcing graphic design, plus digital videography, editing, and production and postproduction from us. Clients still always own the image rights and receive the usage fees that entails.”

Baltimore's Under Armour recently joined the OMS OnSite group of clients as their first "virtual Onsite"; that is to say, the photo and retouching team is in Cincinnati and the art and marketing is done in Baltimore via an on screen remote realtime interface. Other traditional Onsite clients include manufacturers, retailers, advertising, marketing and design agencies across the US. This diverse and forward thinking group includes companies ranging from the world’s largest producer of jet engines and the world's largest consumer packaged goods company to companies renowned for their international branding and package design.


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