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There is good news out there for those business owners looking to minimize overhead but maximize productivity.

Orlando, FL, March 20, 2009 --( In our current economic climate, whether a company is downsizing or expanding, there is a desperate need to preserve capital. “It just makes sense” says Dana Carpenter, owner and President of Virtual Admin USA – a full service virtual staffing company in Orlando, FL. “If a business of any size can save 50-60% and add that to their bottom line why wouldn’t they use a Virtual Assistant?”

In fact, the cost of hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) is minimal in relation to hiring a new employee. There are no insurance costs, workers compensation or taxes associated with virtual assistants. Instead businesses pay for actual time on task and work produced. Utilizing a virtual assisting service allows business owners to focus on those core aspects of their business that actually generate revenue. And having a full staff of virtual assistants makes the stress of managing multiple tasks disappear.

Virtual Admin USA, LLC offers a wide array of services for all industries. So whether you need sales support in the form of cold calls to generate new business, contact management, client and customer service support, administrative tasks including word processing and data entry, or website management, event planning and personal concierge service, Virtual Admin USA is your virtual support staff.

Dana Carpenter, founder and President of Virtual Admin USA, has been a leader in the Staffing and Recruiting industry for many years. With ties to specific disciplines such as Real Estate, Legal, Technology and Medical, she has staffed all levels of employees from entry to executive. She has chosen to take that experience, knowledge and expertise and broaden her scope by creating a company that focuses on supplying a virtual work force whereby helping companies minimize their employee overhead while still maximizing their productivity.

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