hvrnc.com now the home of Haunted Voices and Haunted Voices Radio

HauntedVoices.com and HauntedVoicesRadio.com have become one paranormal website - hvrnc.com.

Palestine, IL, March 20, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Haunted Voices has long served the paranormal community as a website for education, research methods and forums and more. Haunted Voices Radio began broadcasting several years ago, offering paranormal education and information via web broadcasts. Now the two have merged into one large, paranormal website, to provide the public with the best in research, education, talk radio, forums, chat and more.

Weekly radio shows include: Haunted Voices Radio, Monday Night Educational Show, Tuesday Night Education Show, The Pat & Brian Show, Journeys with Rebecca, The After Hours Asylum, The Soapbox!, Rhythm Stream and more.

In addition, the Haunted Voices Radio Network is now broadcast via 4 satellite feeds, reaching hundreds of thousands of listeners per show. In addition, HVRNC.com offers web hosting, radio server rentals, web design and advertising as well.

Visit http://www.hvrnc.com today.

Haunted Voices Radio Network
Jenn Smith