King's Arch Capital Hires Juris Law Group as Outside General Counsel

Juris Law Group’s legal service paradigm provides the benefits of both a large law firm and an in-house legal staff without the procedural, structural, and economic inefficiencies of traditional service models. At the foundation of the Juris Law Group paradigm is a team of attorneys who have worked with a broad range of clients at the largest, most reputable law firms in the world and have handled a diverse range of complex corporate and litigation issues.

Beverly Hills, CA, September 17, 2009 --( The Juris Law Group serves as Outside General Counsel to numerous companies facing fiscal challenges.

Juris Law Group serves as outside general counsel to small to medium size businesses and handles straight-forward and complex transactions for companies of all sizes. Their attorneys are experienced, accessible and responsive, and take the time to understand the unique legal needs of each business they represent.

Juris Law Group represents businesses at all stages of the business cycle and help business founders structure and form business entities best suited to meet their goals and work with them, both initially and as they mature, to define and document their key relationships, including relationships between the business owners and those with customers, suppliers, employees, lenders and investors.

Founder of Juris Law Group, P.J. Javaheri, Esq., says "As our clients grow, we work with them to solve issues that expansion typically brings, including changes in key relationships, acquisitions of new operating facilities, purchases of new business, financing growth, and resolution of owner disagreements."

Richard Shamooilian, partner at King's Arch Realty, a long-time client and friend of Juris Law Group, says "When we reached the end of our operating cycle, our attorneys helped us formulate and achieve successful exit strategies, whether by the sale of their businesses or by transferring control of the business to a new generation of owners."

Juris Law Group LLP
P. J. Javaheri, Esq.