LTS Advisors LLC Encourages Small Business Owners to Receive Professional Business Plan Assistance in a Challenging Economic Environment

LTS Advisors has announced the creation of several services designed to give small business owners an advantage in a restrictive credit and lending market.

New York, NY, March 21, 2009 --( ( has announced increased efforts to generate industry leading small business business plans, designed to help entities succeed today. In this tight credit market, LTS Asvisors believes that small business aspirants will have limited opportunities to attract needed capital (either debt or equity).

LTS encourages small business owners to seek expert advice, to make best and efficient use of their limited exposure to funding sources. LTS provides business plans designed to target debt or equity funding as well as for in-house use. In conjunction with those efforts, LTS now provides information pertaining to marketing strategies, strategic positioning and other questions related to individual and organizational success.

The firm efforts are particularly geared to service companies, in the small to mid size range. LTS stated that it anticipates increased demand for business plans as changes in the US Economy have forced many individuals to reconsider their current business models. Strategic planning demand also is anticipated to be high for the immediate to mid range future.

About LTS Advisors, LLC - LTS is a New York based advisory firm providing experience based advice to businesses, and individuals, seeking retainer and project consulting.

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