Theme Joomla! Accessibility for Internet Explorer 6 Users

Internet Explorer 6 users are now able to access the Theme Joomla! website and upgrade browsers without leaving the page they are currently visiting.

Cape Town, South Africa, March 21, 2009 --( With the upcoming release of Internet Explorer 8, and with more and more companies deciding to no longer invest any further effort into an outdated and broken Internet Explorer 6 browser, Theme Joomla! have decided to stop supporting Internet Explorer 6 or any browsers lower than this.

To ensure that users visiting the website using Internet Explorer 6 are still able to view content, Theme Joomla! has come up with a practical and simple way for users to access the website.

Theme Joomla! will redirect any website users who are using Internet Explorer 6 or less to a unified point (standard .html file) which will inform the user to upgrade their browser, and show links to the relevant Windows download page. Once they have upgraded to Internet Explorer 7 or above, they will be able to return to the site and the site will load with no problems.

For more details on this process and instructions on how this can be implemented, find full instructions on

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Jon-Craig Grey