Daniel Island Mortgage Becomes the Nation's First myEnergyLoan Local Provider

Daniel Island, SC, March 21, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Responding to the growing demand for a sustainable, local economy in Charleston and all of South Carolina, Daniel Island Mortgage has become the nation’s first myEnergyLoan local provider.

Committed to providing a new green mortgage product that builds value in homes, saves clients money, and facilitates a healthier environment and sustainable economy, Daniel Island Mortgage announces it is the nation’s first myEnergyLoan local provider.

Daniel Island Mortgage is leading the way for Charleston and all of South Carolina to shift from a carbon-based economy to a sustainable economy. Teaming up with myEnergyLoan, the nation’s top green mortgage program, Daniel Island Mortgage is well positioned to be the market leader in green financing throughout South Carolina and the nation.

myEnergyLoan provides a simple and reliable way to get closing-cost discounts and lower interest rates for energy-efficient homes and buildings. Unlike traditional loans, which are limited in size and scope, myEnergyLoan works with all property types and all loan types, allowing it to serve a much larger segment of the real estate market. The greener the project, the larger the energy-credit rebate back to the consumer.

All property owners, who are increasingly interested in building or renovating using energy-efficient features, now have a mortgage product that recognizes and rewards them for going green. Homeowners who choose green typically capture tremendous savings through lower energy bills while adding value to their homes and lowering their environmental impact.

“One of the most important aspects that led me to partner with myEnergyLoan is that, at its core, it is truly committed to supporting sustainable financing and green real estate,” says Gary Harwyn, president of Daniel Island Mortgage. “It has long-standing ties to some of the top green building programs in the country, such as the U.S. Green Building Council, LEED, EcoBroker, Energy Star, and EarthCraft. Not many financial institutions or builders can offer these types of green credentials, and this is what makes myEnergyLoan more genuine and authentic in the eyes of builders and consumers.”

“Continuing with our sustainable mission, we also want to try to circulate dollars back through our local providers and businesses. Local dollars are said to circulate about six times more through the economy than if you did business with a large bank or store, where much of that money essentially gets exported,” says Harwyn.

Daniel Island Mortgage has already received tremendous support from notable green builders and developers in the Charleston metro area. Hunley Waters, Battery Island Row, and Mixson, to name a few, have all added Daniel Island Mortgage as the preferred lender for their respective sustainable developments here in Charleston. Those developments alone represent over $400 million in projected sustainable developments in the Charleston market.

Daniel Island Mortgage is also fielding calls every day from green developers and homeowners all across the state interested in finding out more about green financing options. “We are very proud to help serve this green market while providing real value and green financial leadership in the South Carolina economy,” adds Harwyn.

About Daniel Island Mortgage:
Daniel Island Mortgage is a SC licensed mortgage broker serving the Charleston market and all of South Carolina. Recognized for exceptional service and superior mortgage rates since 2004, Daniel Island Mortgage specializes in a full range of residential and commercial mortgage products and is proud to promote a triple bottom line focusing on profitability, the environment, and the community. Their experienced, licensed mortgage brokers stay up-to-date with the latest market conditions, trends, and available programs, bringing clients closer than ever before to experience the ultimate personal mortgage service at the local level.

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