Direct Mail Service, Addressers, Launches Two Blogs on Direct Marketing Issues

Addressers President Encourages Direct Marketing Experts to Share Cost Reduction and Response Improvement Methods.

Los Angeles, CA, March 21, 2009 --( President of Addressers (, a Southern California Direct Marketing Company, Kent Moon announced the launching of the blogs addressed to issues related to direct mail services, fulfillment services and needs of direct marketers. “Turbulent economic times are a great opportunity for companies with great products and a great marketing plan.” Mr. Moon said. “But it is more critical in periods of contraction to use the marketing budget efficiently and to get more response for every dollar spent.”

As the US Postal Service prepares to raise the cost of mailing and bad news on the economic front dominates headlines, companies need to refine their direct mail, fulfillment and business mailing list practices. Partnering with specialists in the direct mail field is vital, but so is the ongoing accumulation of information, new technology and improved processes. Mr. Moon and his company, Addressers, have put up the blogs and in order to share news and information that marketers can use to improve results.

“Nearly 100 billion pieces of First-Class mail reached individuals in 2007. And more than 100 billion pieces of Standard Mail and Periodicals were sent in that year. That is a lot of mail competing for response among consumers.” Mr. Moon observed. “The current economic conditions are an opportunity to gain market share as competitors react with reductions in marketing communications. When a company ceases to communicate, it can be easily mistaken for a corpse or at the very least forgotten about. Those companies with efficient and effective direct marketing programs will win the day.”

Addressers is a direct marketing company that has provided direct mail and fulfillment services for more than 20 years. Unlike many companies where customization capabilities are limited, Addressers can provide clients with timely and cost-effective solutions by custom designing mailing, fulfillment and database using time-tested proprietary modules.

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