New Product Launch -Iin Win’s New 3.5” External Hdd Enclosure Release

NA-An Artistic & Multi-Functional Storage Device.

Industry, CA, March 22, 2009 --( In the electronics industry, hard drive enclosures have always been known as cold, unattractive, plain case cover for what’s really important, the size of the hard drive capacity that goes within. End-users often on look beyond the external design and just read the specifications to see if the capacity is worth the price tag. In Win studied that consumer nature and has taken the initiative to captivate the end-user at first sight, where choosing an external hard drive enclosure would be more than just the storage capacity, but also the outer looks.

In Win is proud to announce the release of “Na" [納] -its newly designed 3.5" external hard drive enclosure. Inspired by the Chinese calligraphy, “Na" distinguishes itself from the traditional cold and dull electronic enclosure by combining a warm artistic design, a touch of Chinese culture and an added functionality like no other external hard drive could provide. A 6cm silent Smart Fan Control with automatic thermostat sensor that detects and cools the hard drive when the inner temperature reaches 45 degrees Celsius. This never-before applied technology on external hard drive enclosures helps conserve energy, makes the product safer and environmentally friendly. Na also supports both USB 2.0 and eSATA interfaces for easy high speed data transfers.

Aside from its high storage capacity support, Na is also a glamorous porcelain case that works as a unique decorative pottery for the everyday life. The pearl white porcelain material used for Na, in particular, avoids heavy metal pollution to the product and features light transparent element. The unique characteristics of this innovative design and unparallel features truly embody technology as a piece of art.

Smart Fan Control, Anti Vibration system, and up-to-date connectivity supports, “Na" [納] – simple yet profound, featuring the power to save important data as well as providing decorative porcelain hardware functionality that adds an extra essence to the everyday life.

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Irene Huang