TasteCasting Launched Creating Unique Way to Market Food and Drink Establishments

Central Ohio's Most Socially Networked Uses Various Social Media Platforms to Promote Local Area Restaurants.

Columbus, OH, March 22, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Let the tweeting begin. Last week TasteCasting was launched creating the newest way to utilize social networking. The idea combines great people and good food to benefit the many food and drink establishments in our area.

TasteCasting is a group of socially networked people that enjoy connecting and meeting with others over food and drink. Team members taste, tweet, and then repeat, broadcasting the experience across their social media platforms.

Establishments looking to spread the word about a grand opening, new product, new menu, or special offer, can use TasteCasting to increase awareness through the team of socially connected Bloggers, Twitters, You Tuber’s, Facebook and Flickr users, resulting in more traffic to their website and their restaurant. In return, the establishment provides a complimentary tasting and tour. Currently there is no charge to restaurants and there is no compensation for tasters.

Quote from Dan Harris: “The socially networked, and social media savvy are already meeting online, and attending a number of events held by Columbus TechLife, Tweetups and meetups.” says Dan Harris, Founder of TasteCasting. “TasteCasting is a way to get networked people meeting in person, learning about the establishments, the food, the owners, their passions and then the team broadcasts to thousands across their personal networks through blogs, twitter, video and photos.”

Last week Tastecasting events were held at the Suisse Shop Bakery, 2119 Polaris Parkway www.thesuisseshop.com and Katzinger’s Deli, 475 South Third Street www.katzingers.com.

Quote from Darlene Jones, Suisse Shop: "TasteCasting introduced us to 10 new potential customers in-person during the tasting and through those in attendance our message, images of our bakery, and our products will be twittered, put on Facebook and shared across the various social network platforms," explains Darlene Jones, Owner of The Suisse Shop Bakery. "What is so exciting for us is thousands of the tasters' friends, family, followers, and connections may come to visit or refer others to us and they may become loyal customers and fans of our bakery."

Quote from Diana Katzinger: "As a business, the use of social media has become so important. That's why Katzinger's was thrilled to host the TasteCasting team for a cheese and wine pairing. We not only gained potentially a dozen new customers, we reached thousand of people we could never reach before because of strong social media connections."

About TasteCasting: At TasteCasting, we view this social media effort and our purpose as a way to help restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and other food service businesses grow their business. We have a growing team of socially connected networkers in Columbus, but will soon invite socially networked and social media savvy people in other cities to start teams as well. For more information on TasteCasting or to request a tasting, visit our site at www.tastecasting.com.

Dan Harris