Advanced Purification Uses New Green Technology. The Proprietary SanusAer™ Method, Developed by AP, Eliminates Many Pollutants Found in the Indoor Environment.

Advanced Purification, an Indoor Air Quality services company located in central Ohio, has treated many homes and buildings since their launch in November 2008. Using a proprietary green technology called SanusAer™; (Latin for “Healthy Air”) they have successfully used Activated Oxygen to treat a variety of indoor air pollution problems including mold, pet odors, smoke, VOCs, bed bugs, and MRSA.

Columbus, OH, March 24, 2009 --( Case Summaries

Smoke Odor: A life long smoker, Julie’s family insisted that she use the closed in back porch as her smoking room, so the rest of the house wouldn’t smell so bad. After years of use, the porch was no longer inhabitable. The homeowner called AP, and after just one treatment, the smoke odor was gone.

School Absenteeism: Representatives of Advanced Purification were contacted by a central Ohio superintendent concerning the recent outbreak of illness that forced the shut down of one of his elementary schools. Utilizing their SanusAer™ process, AP sanitized the building’s classrooms destroying any bacteria/viruses that could potentially re-infect the students and staff, and making the building safer for their return.

Sick Home Syndrome: A worried husband called AP after his wife had been suffering mysterious health symptoms they believed were related to problem mold discovered in their home. AP representatives were called out to investigate, and located the source of the problem: a water leak from the flashing around the fireplace chimney. After the roof was repaired, the home owner called AP for a treatment, and now the satisfied customers are living in a healthy home.

MRSA: A resident in a homeless shelter contracted MRSA, the dangerous “super bug” that has moved out into the community after being a hospital-only problem for years. Fearful for the other residents in the close living environment, the Director contacted AP. Within 24 hours, AP representatives treated the shelter with the SanusAer process, which has been scientifically proven to eradicate the killer bacteria.

Pet Odor: After a couple’s relative passed away, they were preparing the home for sale when they were confronted with a lingering pet odor that was impossible to get rid of. Even after steam cleaning the carpets, and several attempts at deodorization, the problem odor remained. One call to AP, and their trained Technicians, using the SanusAer process, safely eradicated the odor once and for all.

VOCs: Moving into a new condominium should be a great experience, that is, unless you have allergy induced asthma. Volatile Organic Compounds (or VOCs) from the new carpet, recently painted walls, and newly installed cabinets and countertops, can really make symptoms flair. The owner called AP and with one treatment of Activated Oxygen, the VOCs were gone.

Mold/Mildew: A Tae Kwon Do gym called AP after classes had to be temporarily moved to another facility due to a mysterious offensive odor. AP technicians quickly determined that the basement of this Church Annex had flooded and the odor from the stagnant water and mold wafted up the stairs and vents to the classroom on the second floor. The basement was drained and treated with the SanusAer™ process, making the facility completely safe for the young students to return to their classes again.

Black Mold: In Powell, Ohio a new home owner acquired a repossessed home that had been vacant for well over a year. During that time, the utilities had been shut off, and the basement had flooded. The amount of black mold in the basement was very significant, with almost every surface covered. AP performed an initial assessment, provided a recommendation, and initiated a two-step treatment process that left the homeowner grateful he called.

Bed Bugs: A local shelter reported a bed bug infestation; a current trend reemerging across the country. A single bed bug lays up to 500 eggs in its short life span. When conventional pest control methods failed, the director called AP. After two weekends of SanusAer™ treatments, the problem was solved and the nasty pests were eliminated.

About Advanced Purification – Established in 2007, Advanced Purification™ is a Marion, Ohio based Indoor Air Quality service-company founded by Brooks Brown and Dan McGrady. Our purpose is to educate the homeowner on the importance of indoor air quality and to provide the most effective service available to ensure our clients have the safest indoor environment possible. We market to those who desire a cleaner, healthier, and odor free living environment. Routinely used on an industrial scale for water purification, food processing, and soil remediation, Advanced Purification™ is now using this green technology in the home to sanitize the environment and eliminate the health risks that arise from indoor air pollution.

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