Introducing New Empower -’s First-in-India Feature – "High Tea with Top Shots"

“Focus on capabilities & value-additions” - Karthik Sarma, WNS Global Services.

Noida (UP), India, March 25, 2009 --( As part of it’s NEW EMPOWER Recruitment Solution launched recently, proudly set in motion its First-in-India feature – “High Tea with Top Shots” in which jobseekers can take part in a Live Chat with eminent HR Heads of Leading Corporates and get answers to their career related questions, gain tips and benefit from their rich knowledge.

Speaking about this Recruitment Solution the VP of, Mr. Vivek Madhukar said, “With the current economic cost compression affecting the HR function, many corporates have scaled up using Jobsites for their hiring needs. Jobsites like, provide them with the lowest Cost-per-Hire, as compared to any other method of recruitment. Coupled with the tremendous benefits & value-add that’s New Empower Innovation provides- companies are taking to us with greater enthusiasm …”

“… As part of the Solution – the Live Chat Feature, “High Tea with Top Shots”, increases corporate brand recall, where corporates can discuss specifics of their company and their industry, with the target audience, which would otherwise not have been highlighted. High Tea with Top Shots also gives them an avenue in which they can interact with tech-savvy professionals, and get to feel their pulse in a real time environment.” added Mr. Madhukar.

In the inaugural session on Wednesday, 4th March 2009 Mr. Karthik Sarma, Chief People Officer, WNS Global Services was available online to answer questions relating to Career Stability in IT/ITeS industry because of Economic Slowdown as’s Expert Guest.

During the live chat with jobseekers, Mr. Sarma, answered many questions regarding the ITeS Sector, Impact of US Policies on Outsourcing, Lay-Offs & Recession, Career Guidance and about WNS as a corporate recruiter.

Speaking of the ITeS Sector, the Chief People Officer of WNS Global Services said that while he had no “ready-made solution” or “mantra” - the best way that the sector could survive these times was to leverage relationships, working closely with clients and higher up the value chain thus avoiding easy substitution. In addition, NASSCOM has predicted a 16-17% growth in the industry, which will hold true for most companies and thereby the job market in general.

With regard to the impact of US Policies on Outsourcing, Mr. Sarma said, “While its difficult to predict the future, it is a little too premature to comment on how the actual policies will be shaped and what its implications will be on the Indian IT/BPO industry.”

Speaking about the topic closest to the hearts of the participants - Lay-Offs & Recession, Career Guidance, Mr. Karthik Sarma was very clear – “
- Don’t look for short term rewards,
- Focus more on gaining responsibility and growing your role.
- Develop appropriate skills and focus on delivering higher standards of performance
- Build cross functional skills and competencies as cross-skilling yourselves will work as a hedge against risk.
- Most importantly do not lose heart, be optimistic and focus on gaining skills .. . . these cycles come and go. . .”

Speaking about careers with WNS, he explained to jobseekers, “We look at various competencies depending on the level and role. Some examples are analytical capability, language skills, domain knowledge etc. In addition, we look at empathy, stability in work experience and communication skills We also look a strong fitment of the individual within our culture and value system.”

“Career building in WNS is across multiple levels and streams. People with different skills and aspirations can choose to excel in various career options depending on their displayed capability and interest” added Mr. Sarma.

In the current economic scenario, he said, “WNS continues to see strong demand for its services and we therefore continue to recruit high quality talent. In addition, we continue to invest in our people, our capabilities, and our global delivery network. In fact we have tripled our investment in learning and development this year.”

“With questions ranging from macro issues like President Obama’s stand on outsourcing, and global economic climate to WNS specific questions on HR policies and staffing, the conversations only reinforced my belief that the youngsters of our country are extremely well-informed and conscious of the environment…The New Empower Solution –Live Chat Feature, “Shots”, is indeed an interesting platform for engaging young minds. The Internet is clearly the medium of the future and through platforms such as these we can very effectively engage in a conversation with a larger cross section of people, which otherwise in an event or advertisement can be challenging.” remarked Mr. Sarma on his experience of the Session.

Catch - The Next New Empower - High Tea with Top Shots Sesssions

1) 16th March 2009 (Today) – 3-4PM
Mr. Sreenivasa Rao, Vice-President, Global Talent Acquisition & Mobility
Capgemini Financial Services GBU
Topic: Role of HR in beating Recession

2) 18th March 2009 (Wednesday) – 3-4 PM
Mr. K S Kumar, Executive Vice President, Human Capital
Fullerton India Credit Company Limited.
Topic: Building a career in retail finance – Opportunities in India

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