The Newly Launched Website Invites Women to Share Their Experiences of Sexual Arousal and Orgasm with a Partner

Jane Thomas, author of, suggests “There is nothing either easy or automatic about female orgasm, especially during sex with a partner.”

Windsor, United Kingdom, March 25, 2009 --( “Given that we know that most women are unlikely to be able to orgasm from intercourse alone, surprisingly few women ask about lack of orgasm” remarks Ms Thomas. As well as the obvious personal embarrassment:

· Not every woman is even interested in orgasm, either by masturbation or from a sexual relationship.
· Relatively few women masturbate and so many women never know what an orgasm is.
· Some women assume that they orgasm during sex when, in fact, they don’t.
· Others accept that sex involves pleasing their man rather than looking for their own pleasure.

Ms Thomas comments on the irony that women who ask about lack of orgasm have the confidence to question because they have explored their sexuality more than most women, both alone and with a partner.

Website: aims to inform and reassure women of all ages: both the site content and pictures are completely clean. The discussion is based on honesty not sexual ego and covers: sex drive, the role of fantasy and why orgasm from masturbation may always be different to orgasm from penetration.

Originally, foreplay was suggested as a solution to the inadequate clitoral stimulation provided by intercourse. Unfortunately, not only do women need clitoral stimulation to continue up to the point of orgasm but also, due to the sensitivity of the clitoris, it can be difficult for a man to provide the right kind of stimulation.

So when women ask about lack of orgasm today, experts suggest that they masturbate during sex. In fact, little is known about how successful women are with this approach in practice. To help improve our understanding, invites women to share how they achieve arousal and orgasm with a partner.

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