VersaForward Service Provides Professional Customizable Email Forwarding

VersaEdge Software LLC announces VersaForward Service, an email forwarding service which can forward email to a cell phone, Blackberry, or other email account. This allows people to get important messages quickly and stay connected. The service can check AOL, Hotmail, MSN, Gmail, Yahoo, and standard email accounts.

Arlington, VA, July 18, 2006 --( Email forwarding company VersaEdge Software LLC today announced the full public availability of VersaForward Email Forwarding Service, providing dependable forwarding to cell phone, pager, PDA, Blackberry or other email accounts.

Product Manager Chris Anderson says, "Sales teams and other professionals use VersaForward to get important messages when they are out of the office. VersaForward is cheaper and easier to deploy for many organizations than Blackberrys. Some people use VersaForward to forward their personal email to another account or consolidate multiple accounts and more easily manage their email. We pay close attention to our users and regularly add forwarding customization options to meet their needs."

Newly updated VersaForward Service includes:
* Ability to check mail from webmail, AOL, Hotmail, MSN, Gmail, Yahoo, and standard POP/IMAP accounts
* 24X7 monitored email forwarding for full uptime
* Optional Advanced Text Reduction(TM) for cell phones, providing 25% more text by changing "We will see you at home on Monday" to "We'llSeeYou@HomeOnMON"
* Defined scheduling and filtering so that you only get the messages you want when you want
* Account Login to pause forwarding and change other forwarding options
* Forwarding which retains the original From address so that messages can be easily replied to
* Spam and virus filtering
* Added robustness, rechecking accounts if the mail server you are checking fails

Adam King, Technology Manager of University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, chose to use VersaForward Service for their Executive Program students so that they can always stay connected. He says "Our students love the new system and I continue to be impressed by VersaForward.”

VersaForward Service is available on a monthly basis, costing from $9.95 to $34.95 depending on check frequency. There is a free no-commitment one-week trial. For more information see:

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VersaEdge Software LLC has been forwarding email since February 2001. They offer VersaForward Service, VersaForward Personal desktop software, and various custom solutions for the enterprise.

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