New Joint Pain Treatment That Helps to Eliminate Medication

Envision ArthriFon LBP an alternative to common treatments for lower back pain. New model of ArthriFon LBP is based technology called vibroacoustic. This combination of vibration and sound penetrates into the core problem of pain because it specifically engineered and designed to eliminate the most widespread pain, the lower back pain.

Norcross, GA, March 26, 2009 --( ElectroChemical Research Corp., introduces new device to it's collection ArthriFonÒ LBP (Arthrifonâ Lower Back Pain). ArthriFonÒ LBP is uniquely designed for use in treatment of lower back pain. ArthriFonÒ LBP releases sound and vibration to the lower back region to stimulate blood flow.

More specifically, the product arranges an algorithm of these sound frequencies that stimulate various levels of the body’s tissue. This deep tissue stimulation helps your body to restore it's natural balance. This stimulation designed to systematically boost blood flow down into the capillary beds (the smallest blood vessels in the body) thus bringing more oxygen and nutrients into the traumatized lower back.

Lower back pain is affecting millions of Americans and historically been treated by using combinations of physical therapy, chiropractors, anti-inflammatory medication, and steroid injections all with temporary relief.

In general, pain is our body's signal that something is wrong. Pain in the lower back comes from variety of sources such as muscles, spine, tension, frequent heavy lifting, nerves or other factors. ArthriFon LBP combines state of the art mechanical design and a revolutionary method of delivering audible acoustic sound waves to effectively treat lower back pain.

ArthriFonÒ LBP is completely non-invasive device The ArthriFonÒ LBP is easy to use, safe, and natural. A number of professionals, including chiropractors and physical therapists, have adopted ArthriFonÒ products and vibroacoustic therapy as part of their treatment programs for patients with arthritis and various joint pain.

"This technology represents a step forward in giving pain sufferers a long lasting pain relief from multiple common causes of lower back pain" says Dr. Yury Podrazhansky, Ph.D., one of the co-developers of ArthriFonÒ LBP and a leading engineer.

For additional information ArthriFon, contact Jane Lyubich or visit ArthriFonÒ LBP is trademark of ECR Corp with three patents pending.

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ElectroChemical Research Corporation (ECR) is an early stage research and development company in the field of vibroacoustic technology for pain management and the treatment of disease. ERC was founded and incorporated in October 2001 by Dr. Yury Podrazha