ALLMAX Nutrition Launches ARGININE – As Part of the Essentials Line

ARGININE is an essential amino acid that athletes are quickly making part of their 'must have' supplements. ALLMAX just released a new ARGININE supplement.

Toronto, Canada, March 25, 2009 --( ALLMAX Nutrition just released the newest addition to their ‘Essentials’ line- ARGININE. This is an exciting product launch for both athletes and bodybuilders as ARGININE is quickly becoming an essential supplement in any active person’s arsenal due to its ability to enhance performance.

ARGININE is considered a semi-essential amino acid. What that means is the body produces ARGININE normally, but sometimes the body needs more than is available and ARGININE needs to be supplemented. Food sources such as peanuts and almonds are natural sources of ARGININE, but for those looking to enhance athletic performance or increase lean muscle mass, it is difficult to derive the amount required by the body in optimal results from food sources.

In fact, more than fifty research studies support ARGININE as a viable supplement for athletes. ARGININE is helpful in transport, storage and elimination of nitrogen. What’s more, recent research has found that ARGININE can act as a natural precursor to Creatine Synthesis in the body.

Particularly after an intense training session ARGININE can lead to increased protein synthesis and muscle growth. During this time the body has increased testosterone and HGH production. ARGININE can stimulate growth hormone secretion, is a precursor for the synthesis of Nitric Oxide (NO) and, improves immune function. It has been found to be helpful in shedding fat, while building muscle.

ALLMAX ARGININE is a Japanese-Grade and ultra-pure form of ARGININE. It is produced in a pharmaceutical grade and government inspected facility. An exclusive 11-stage process derives this powerful amino monopeptide from a pure vegetable base. This means no potential animal contamination and no animal by-product sources can be found in ALLMAX ARGININE.

Most research indicates to consume 6 to 9 grams of ARGININE a day for maximal results. By comparison, regular ARGININE capsules provide only 500 to 750 mg, whiclkh is less than a gram of ARGININE. Besides, with the capsule you would need to take up to 12 capsules to be equivalent with ALLMAX ARGININE, which is in powdered format and much easier to consume.

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