DC Real Estate Agents Turn to RealSupport VA Team to Meet Market Challenges

Palatine, IL, March 26, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Back-to-Basics Approach Successfully Targets First Time Buyers.

Real estate professionals Alix Myerson and Aelita Brolis were looking for a unique way to reach out to people who weren’t necessarily thinking about buying a home. For help, they turned to RealSupport, Inc., a Chicago-based Virtual Assistant (VA) Team specializing in innovative marketing plans for real estate professionals. RealSupport goes beyond the scope of most VA services, offering coaching, strategic planning, as well as developing marketing materials, websites and plans for real estate agents from coast to coast.

Alix and Aelita, of Long and Foster Real Estate in Washington, DC, listened and learned. “Carrie (Gable, President of RealSupport, Inc.) told us we were going to have to do some old-fashioned networking,” explains Alix. “We had to meet potential buyers face-to-face in a non-pressured situation and let them know why this is a great time to buy a home.”

Carrie suggested that the two agents hold a series of free, first-time homebuyer seminars aimed at the 25-30 year old demographic. To make the seminars accessible and low key, she advised the women to choose a location other than their office. The RealSupport Team designed a custom postcard to be mailed to a group of 1,000 renters. The postcard featured an eye-catching graphic of a young couple and a brief description of what the seminar would cover including understanding the buying process, a chance to chat with a loan officer and inside information on the DC real estate market.

Before the first set of postcards was mailed, Carrie explained that patience was a critical element of the program. “She counseled us from the beginning not to be discouraged if turnout was small at first,” says Aelita. “We needed to hold the seminars at the same time on a regular schedule and send the postcard to the same list repeatedly.”

The agents also heeded Carrie’s advice to have RealSupport set up a website in conjunction with the seminars; they titled it www.DCHomeBuyerSeminar.com. That site is in addition to their general business site, www.RealEstateHappenZ.com. “RealSupport put the whole thing in motion for us,” says Alix. “All we had to do was show up and chat.”

At their very first seminar, Alix and Aelita were delighted to welcome three potential buyers. “We knew we were heading in the right direction and everyone who came seemed eager to learn about the opportunities that exist in the D.C. market; some of them said they were going to talk to their friends about us. Overall, it was a great success.”

RealSupport Inc. develops customized marketing plans (online, email and print), websites and branding packages for real estate professionals throughout the United States. They can be reached at 847-705-1655, by email at Info@RealSupportinc.com or online at www.RealSupportinc.com


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