Ordinary People to Direct Scientific Research

A site that allows everyone to decide what scientific research receives funding and how much.

Tallahassee, FL, July 19, 2006 --(PR.com)-- Development of the new concept website, www.YouChooseTheResearch.com is now complete. The site became operational on July 1, 2006 and was developed for ordinary people to help direct the research that shapes this world.

Until now, the government and major industries have lead the research and development of this country while the public have idly waited for new technologies to appear. For the first time in history the people can now direct the research. This website offers a myriad of both obscure and mainstream research projects for people to vote on. “Our scientists should be doing science, not searching and applying for grants that they may never receive,” Mark Flowers, a physics major at Florida State University, realized while watching Fox Network’s hit show American Idol 2006. He was amazed at the exorbitant amount of money that had been spent on voting for the next top star while scientists are begging for money in order to complete their important research. “If only the people would vote for research topics with the same enthusiasm, things like the energy crisis could easily be solved,” Mark said. The site, directed at all people in all age groups and income levels, is designed specifically to empower people to vote on which research topics get funding. The votes, while costing $1 each, will be placed to fund the top 5 most popular topics receiving interest.

Www.YouChooseTheResearch.com also offers a feature for people to submit their own ideas via email. The Site also contains a blog for voters to tell why they are voting for certain topics and to allow them to promote their own ideas. There will also be a weekly online chat with the scientists researching each winning topic to keep the public informed of the progress. This election of scientific research topics is planned to be repeated every 12 months with the previous winners removed from the vote. The research on the 5 winning topics is set to begin in December of 2007.


If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Mark Flowers, please call (850)591-8744 or email mflowers@youchoosetheresearch.com
You Choose The Research
Mark Flowers