Earth Knowledge Launches Enhanced Website and Appears on "Our Planet" on CNN Headline News

Consulting firm makes news-linked Map Tool free to Web users.

Tucson, AZ, March 27, 2009 --( Earth Knowledge, Inc., a leader in integrating and disseminating environmental and scientific information, today announced the launch of its enhanced website ( to collect and disseminate late-breaking environmental and scientific news to help business and community leaders, educators, students, advocates, scientists, and the general public keep pace with cutting-edge developments in the world of earth and environmental science.

The website—which has already won raves from science professionals and earned the firm a news segment on “Our Planet” which will air on CNN Headline News and Fox Business News—today debuts its internet-browser-based Map Tool (, which displays a full-screen view of the earth geo-tagged with breaking news stories from the world’s best scientific and environmental research and news agencies. At press time, the Earth Knowledge Portal (, the website’s core information center, allows users to choose from over 50 different environmental categories and investigate earth science developments in over 80 global regions. Much of the content is available free to basic and standard users; professionals and organizations can opt for richer, fee-based access.

“In the 21st century, a picture is worth more than a thousand words,” said Dr. Frank D’Agnese, Co-Founder and President of Earth Knowledge, Inc. “Scientists visualize data everyday using high-resolution maps. If you’re going to enrich understanding, visuals are everything. Now anyone can use the same kind of tools used by the world’s best scientists in a format that’s easily digestible.”

The mapping interface, powered by Google Maps, allows users to focus on a geographic region of interest to see what environmental stories are occurring there today. Users can also greatly enhance their map view by choosing one or more of over 60 different map layers, instantly overlaying such geographic data as the Earth’s ecoregions or river systems. Viewing news stories against a tableau of authentic geographical data allows readers to gain a richer understanding into the world’s environmental issues. Imagine being able to see and inspect a river basin in an endangered ecosystem you’re reading about. Or reading about a melting polar ice cap, then instantly clicking to find out more about that region and other natural events in the area (

Today the site also debuts its social networking and blogging capability. Visitors can start their own blog to comment on the day’s Earth news and can participate in discussions on cutting-edge topics such as climate change, moderated by scientists and experts working in that field.

“In all walks of life, people are realizing the compelling need to take care of our environment, yet it can be overwhelming to sort through the vast amount of information available,” states Earth Knowledge’s Co-Founder and CEO Julia Armstrong D’Agnese, “we sort through it for you, make it easy to understand, and continually update it to keep you current on the world’s latest discoveries.”

The Earth Knowledge Website utilizes technology from Internet-industry leaders including Google, Inc., Awareness, Inc., and NewsGator Technologies, Inc. Earth Knowledge is licensed to use the unique Google Earth Enterprise software platform to create and stream numerous databases of Earth science information to users across the internet. The firm uses this data to create customized websites and conduct scientific investigations for a host of clients that include businesses, communities, government agencies, and scientific organizations. Earth Knowledge is a Google Enterprise Partner. This Partner Program includes experts who provide value-added services and integrated products using Google technology.

When Earth Knowledge’s site debuted in 2007, it quietly became a destination for the world’s science professionals, who enjoyed being able to easily locate breaking news stories in their areas of expertise on a geo-tagged map of the world. The enhanced site makes the same information more easily accessible for the layperson, decision-makers, and students. Earth Knowledge collects news and information from its growing Earth Knowledge Network of Science and Content Providers ( that includes not only conventional news services such as Reuters and the Economist, but also important science providers such as Scientific American, Discover, Science Daily, NOAA, and the USGS.

Earth Knowledge has completed a 5 minute news segment with “Our Planet” which will air on CNN Headline News in Boston on Thursday March 26th, and in New York on Saturday March 28th, and other dates and times regionally and nationally this year (

Earth Knowledge, Inc. is a consulting firm based in Tucson, Arizona, providing expertise, resources and vision that bring concerned individuals, decision-makers, business leaders, educators and students together to work toward a sustainable future.

Earth Knowledge, Inc.
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