Apriorit Releases AutomateIT! Pro PM Edition to Enable Export to OpenOffice

ApriorIT recently released the new commercial product – AutomateIT! Pro Project Management Edition. It enables to redirect Export to MS Office operations of mindmapping and project management software to the OpenOffice applications.

Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, March 28, 2009 --(PR.com)-- We all know that office software is rather expensive – office suite can cost several hundred of dollars for one license. So it is not surprising that companies and single users look for alternatives. One of such alternatives is OpenOffice.org – open source office suite that includes Writer to work with documents in MS Word and OpenDocument formats, Calc to work with spreadsheets in MS Excel and OpenDocument formats, and other applications.

The process of migration from MS Office suite to the OpenOffice.org is not often easy. Office software is highly integrated into our software environment. And while import from MS Office format feature of all applications is fully covered due to the fact that OpenOffice works with documents in this format, export to MS Office feature used to be an open question.

Export to MS Office is a very convenient feature of many mindmapping and project management suites. So it’s naturally that users want to keep it when migrating to the OpenOffice.

New product by ApriorIT - AutomateIT! Pro 1.0 Project Management Edition® - handles this task. This software tool intercepts application requests of Export to MS Office and redirects them to the corresponding application of OpenOffice.org suite. At the current version export from such software applications are supported:

• Mindjet MindManager Pro 6.0 and higher.
• Visual Mind 11 and higher.
• Mind2Chart project management add-in for both MindManager and Visual Mind (product of Mind2Chart Team).
• Export to Excel add-in for MindManager 7 (product of I&AResearch Inc.).

AutomateIT! Pro is based on the open source AutomateIT! technology developed by ApriorIT specialists. This technology uses a kind of clones of COM objects of Microsoft Office - the objects themselves and function bodies are being replaced with new ones, which work with OpenOffice.org.

AutomateIT! Pro 1.0 Project Management Edition® is commercial product and includes warranty and support in spite of its absolutely affordable price.

Managers of AutomateIT! Team say that AutomateIT! Pro product line is going to be extended: support of different software from different application areas will be added in further editions. Project Management Edition will be developed too by adding support of different Project Managers’ software tools.

“We are opened to the users’ propositions concerning further development of our product. We are sure that it is the right direction – to propose more alternatives to the IT world.” – AutomateIT! Team Leader says.

More details about AutomateIT! technology and products can be found at ApriorIT official site – www.apriorit.com. The product can be purchased at the www.mind2chart.com.

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