Apriorit Adapts Nanomites for Linux: Modern Antidebug Protection

Apriorit Adapts Nanomites for Linux: Modern Antidebug Protection

This month, Apriorit company releases the new technology of Linux application protection from illegal debug, dumping, and reversing based on the so-called nanomites. Modern and efficient, the nanomite technology is successfully used in the commercial protectors for Windows systems. Apriorit Linux Code Protection SDK is the first product to provide an improved nanomite protection for Linux applications. - June 24, 2013

Apriorit Releases AutomateIT! Pro PM Edition to Enable Export to OpenOffice

ApriorIT recently released the new commercial product – AutomateIT! Pro Project Management Edition. It enables to redirect Export to MS Office operations of mindmapping and project management software to the OpenOffice applications. - March 28, 2009

Apriorit Announces New Mind2Chart v. 1.3 Release

Apriorit – Software Development and Research Company – announced that the new version of Mind2Chart Project Management Add-in is now available. The Mind2Chart Team tells that new features added to the product are called to meet the needs of project managers with a focus on the M2C ideology of simplicity and easy usage. - June 27, 2008

ApriorIT Releases Mind2chart Add-in for Mindjet MindManager Pro 7® - Powerful Planning and Monitoring Tool

A moment comes for any idea when it needs to grow into a project plan. Taking into account all of the details of real life and also all of possibilities given by the idea – it can turn planning into a hard and long process. Moreover after one creates a plan he has to monitor the process of its realization and modify it. It would be great to plan, organize, manage implementation of a project, monitor its status and detect weak points and risks by means of just one easy-to-use tool. - April 12, 2008

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