Naughty Bits Unveils Online Multiplayer and Other Features with iShoot 2.0 Release

Raleigh, NC, March 28, 2009 --( Naughty Bits Software LLC announces the upgrade of iShoot, the widely popular iPhone game that has been a consistent top seller in Apple’s iPhone App Store. With the release of the iShoot 2.0 upgrade to the previous iShoot and iShoot Lite applications, developer Ethan Nicholas has added several new features.

The two most notable upgrades in iShoot 2.0 include the rule editor and the online multiplayer features. The rule editor allows players to alter the way the game is played, changing settings such as the amount of armor the tanks have and how much money players receive per round. Within the rule editor, the weapon editor lets users change everything from the power and price of a weapon to creating a brand new arsenal from scratch.

“I have been humbled by the success of iShoot. My focus for the 2.0 upgrade was to make major enhancements to the gameplay and replay value,” says Ethan Nicholas, president of Naughty Bits Software. “The rule editor allows players to experience a brand new iShoot.”

The online multiplayer feature now allows up to four players with devices on the same WiFi network to participate in a game of iShoot, rather than passing iPhone or iTouch devices back and forth which was previously required for multiplayer gaming.

“It was important to make it easier for people to play iShoot together. The iPhone is such a great platform for mobile multiplayer gaming,” explains Nicholas. “The online multiplayer feature adds a whole new dimension to the game.”

iShoot is an artillery combat game in which tanks blast each other with a wide range of high-powered weapons, from basic shells and cluster bombs to the world-destroying Shiva Bomb. Launched in October 2008, the original iShoot was hugely successful in the iPhone App Store, staying as the number one selling application for 26 days and selling over 400,000 copies to date.

About Naughty Bits Software Naughty Bits Software LLC is a software development company, specializing in iPhone and mobile device gaming. Naughty Bits Software was established in 2009 by Ethan Nicholas after the launch of the iShoot application for the Apple App Store. iShoot quickly became a best selling iPhone application, staying as the number one selling application in the App Store for 26 days in January 2009. Naughty Bits’ products have been downloaded a combined total of over 3,000,000 times. For more information visit

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