Wisconsinmade.com Announces New Product: Madison Originals Cookbook

In an effort to promote independent, Madison-area restaurants and Wisconsin's diverse culinary culture, Wisconsinmade.com now carries Madison Originals Cookbook. Wisconsinmade.com is an e-commerce gourmet food and gift store which selects only the finest-quality products produced in Wisconsin to offer for sale on the Internet.

Madison, WI, March 28, 2009 --(PR.com)-- About the Madison Originals Cookbook:
The Madison Originals Cookbook features 101 recipes from 24 landmark restaurants serving Wisconsin's capital city. Each restaurant is independently-owned and contributes its unique culinary expression to the dining landscape. The cookbook's beautiful colorful photographs showcase the artistic care in which these restaurants create their signature dishes. Madison Originals offers recipes to please the full gamut of tastes. It contains recipes for gourmet cuisine served at Madison's up-scale dining establishments such as L'Etoile, The Harvest, Restaurant Muramoto, and Madison's premier seafood restaurant, The Blue Marlin. The book includes recipes from many family-favorite restaurants such as The Old Fashioned, Mexicali Rose, Lombardino's, and the Imperial Garden West, which has been voted Madison's Best Chinese Restaurant for the past 25 years. Madison Originals guides Madison newcomers to the finest local flavors in the city, and lets them re-create their dining experiences at home. With Madison Originals packed in their suitcases, out-of-town visitors returning home can continue to enjoy the tastes of Madison.

About Wisconsinmade.com:
The web-store showcases over 2000 products made with pride and passion by more than 250 Wisconsin artisans. Visitors to Wisconsinmade.com find gourmet foods, gift baskets, Wisconsin-sports apparel, books and music, and art for the home and office produced in multiple media by Wisconsin artisans. Wisconsinmade.com receives national attention for the regional-specialty foods they deliver, such as championship Wisconsin cheeses, meats, cranberries, maple syrup, and gourmet pastries identified with Wisconsin's ethnic heritage. Wisconsinmade.com delivers the best of Wisconsin to the rest of the U.S.A.

Linda Remeschatis
Cristie Hurd