No Codes or Jargon Makes Gtalk – The Easiest Way to Find That Perfect Job.

Noida, India, March 29, 2009 --( Jobseekers can now can add to their Gtalk and search and apply to jobs through their Gtalk chat window.

Leveraging’s New Empower Recruitment Solution’s Seek Easy Feature, all a jobseeker has to do is type the query and get instant relevant job listings, in reply in their chat window.

Speaking about Jobtalk, Mr. Vivek Madhukar, VP, said, “Keeping in mind, that most users do not find time to visit regularly or are firewalled from us, The Jobtalk application has been designed to be as unobtrusive and simple as possible. Gtalk users simply enter their query in their chat with to view results and apply to multiple jobs together - by just separating the serial numbers with a space – no jargon or codes are required in the process”

“Jobseekers registered on with their Gtalk IDs do not have to register, login or even type usernames, to apply for jobs, Jobtalk automatically identifies their profile and sends their job application.“ added Mr. Madhukar.

To use Jobtalk, you just need to add in your Gtalk and it is instantly added to your friend list.

To get started just type “Help” in your chat with, and you are on your way to your dream job, with instant access to Seek Easy job search and Express Apply, without ever having to log onto

How Jobtalk works -

To begin searching for jobs, open a chat window and enter Key skills, Location, Experience, Industry. For e.g. “java project manager, delhi, 3 yrs.”

On entering the search criteria, Jobtalk returns a set of 5 relevant jobs. You can then –

1) View Job Details – In order to view the complete job description, enter View followed by space and serial number of the job. E.g. “view 4”
2) More – To view the next set of matching jobs, enter “more” – and get job matches serially numbered 6 to 10
3) Type “back” – To view the previous set of jobs matching your search,
4) Applying to job – simply enter Apply followed by space and the serial number of the job. E.g. “Apply 5”. You can also apply to multiple jobs by entering the serial numbers separated by space. For e.g. “Apply 2 5 8” (You just need to be registered with with your Gmail ID for this.)
5) To know more about Jobtalk just type “help”

Please note that any keyword entered, apart from the above set of commands, will be accepted as search keywords and will return a set of relevant jobs.

In case your Gmail address is not registered with, please update the same on

Benefits of Jobtalk –

- With the tough job market, and lack of time, with Jobtalk, users can apply to multiple jobs together, in their chat.
- Jobtalk has been launched with special focus on working jobseekers, where jobsites may be banned in their organizations. They can still search and apply though with their Gtalk.
- Instant Access - Provides Instant Access to job search on
- Express Apply – Users can apply instantly to jobs, without logging onto
- With Jobtalk, users do not need to provide their login IDs even once. If they are registered with with their Gmail address, Jobtalk will connect them directly.
- With Jobtalk, to view job details or apply to job(s), users just need to enter the right command (view or apply, respectively) followed by the serial number of the job - no code or jargon required.
- Jobtalk displays 5 jobs at a time, so users have more options to select from.

Jobtalk builds on’s New Empower Recruitment Solution’s Seek Easy Feature, that eliminates the need to enter multiple fields in lengthy search forms –type any keywords in the search box and obtain matching results.

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