Personalized Health Information: Just a Few Mouse Clicks Away

New guided health search technology removes the burden of typing keywords in searching health information.

New York, NY, March 30, 2009 --( GuidedMed Inc. today announced the launch of the first guided health search engine at This new guided health search technology can help people find personalized health information via a few mouse clicks by selecting symptoms and answering questions in a medical questionnaire. GuidedMed requires no keyword typing. Instead, it guides users through the entire health search process, and automatically forms medical queries according to users’ selections and its built-in medical knowledge.

“The goal of GuidedMed is to make health and medical information easily accessible to facilitate people's daily lives,” said Haiyan Chen, President of GuidedMed Inc. “We recognize that the average person usually has little medical knowledge and encounters great difficulty in forming appropriate medical queries themselves. We also realize that existing keyword search technology cannot handle well some important information about a patient’s health situation, such as the absence of certain symptoms and the duration of a symptom expressed as a numerical value. Our guided health search technology addresses these problems using novel questionnaire-based search interface and medical knowledge.”

“Under the current economic situation, it is important for people to obtain quality healthcare under a tight budget,” said Chen. “If consumers can efficiently find relevant health information online, they can become better prepared and communicate more effectively with their doctors. GuidedMed is a step towards making this task easier.”

As a physician commented on his blog, although GuidedMed is not a medical diagnosis or decision making tool, it can help people make sense of some common symptoms. It is not going to replace doctors, but is a useful starting point.

About GuidedMed
GuidedMed Inc. seeks to provide simple, useful, online health information services that ultimately can help people live better. Based in the greater New York area, GuidedMed Inc. pioneers the guided health search technology. For more information, visit

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