Rintoss iPhone App March 2009

Crinngroup launched iPhone app "ringtoss." Its like the old classical - out the rings in the pole using water bubbles.

San Francisco, CA, March 29, 2009 --(PR.com)-- One of the most popular games we have all grown up with… Ring Toss….is now available on the App Store. Simple to play…yet deceptively addictive. 8 colorful interchangeable backgrounds make this simple game even more a challenge while maneuvering Red and Blue rings onto metallic poles.. Bubble shapes push your rings to the top. Your skill and strategy go into play for hours of fun.

Push the button on the lower right of your screen to produce bubble shapes that carry your Red and Blue rings to the top of the screen allowing them to gently fall. Move your iPhone to maneuver the rings onto the Metallic Poles.

It comes with three levels , each with a twist.

Deceptively addictive. Incredibly fun

Download your copy of Ringtoss.

From Creative innovators group, www.crinngroup.com

creative innovators group
Vishal Khosla