Nuclear Bomb Shelter Firm Installs New Web Site in Time for High Demand

Underground bomb shelter company Radius Engineering International unveils new web site in time for surge in requests for information.

Forney, TX, July 20, 2006 --( Anticipating the demand for more information about its line of bomb shelter products, Radius Engineering International President and Chief Engineer Walton McCarthy announced today that the company has officially released its new web site at

“We have seen a huge spike in web traffic,” McCarthy said. “Recent events are driving the desire for safe, clean underground shelters. Demand increased dramatically when we went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan. More recently demand has spiked around the North Korean missile tests and the Israeli-Lebanon war.”

“Mr. McCarthy is the leading authority in the bomb shelter industry,” Bogart said. “Using this web site he can update his web site at any time, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.”

Radius Engineering relies solely on its web site for advertising. “Search engines – especially Google – reward authoritative, high-quality and timely content,” Bogart said. “Our customers are experts in their fields. When these experts have something to say there’s no waiting for the web designer. They just start to type.”

“Radius chose the Business Web Site Solution because it allows the company to control its content,” McCarthy said. “Our customers want the most current information on bomb shelters and nuclear, biological and chemical air sterilization. I can give them instant information on our web site.”

The Radius Engineering web site upgrade came just in time for a significant jump in traffic. “We’re seeing interest in the CAT25 and P6 underground bomb shelters” said Bogart. “Geographically we’re getting attention from the United States, Japan, Europe, the United Arab Emirates, China, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.”

Bogart said she had three priorities for the new site: Make it easy to use, easy to update and easy to find. “We take the phrase ‘organic search engine rankings’ literally. Natural is being yourself. Post as much high-quality, timely content to the web site as you can.”

“We have so much to tell the public about bomb shelters,” said McCarthy. “For instance, many people think bomb shelters can cause a claustrophobic attack. Our shelters are egg-shaped because people react very well inside that shape. We have customers praising our work because they are not claustrophobic in our shelters. Our new web site lets me easily get this kind information onto our web site.”

Radius Engineering International
Walton McCarthy