Maximizes Advertising Sales for Magazine Publishers

Admedia Solutions Ltd, the company behind can now offer unique and bespoke advertising sales solutions for global publishers and media sellers.

Cambridge, United Kingdom, March 30, 2009 --( With marketing departments in companies all over the world cutting back on costs in order to weather the current economic difficulties, many publishers are finding it difficult to effectively maximize their advertising income. Advertisers are having trouble as well, especially in terms of finding advertising venues which fit into downsized marketing budgets. There are plenty of opportunities available to advertisers as well as publishers; it’s really a matter of matching up these businesses to meet their mutual interests in a way which is profitable for all parties.

However, the company Admedia Solutions who are behind ( has now made it easy for advertisers and publishers to find each other. The website contains profiles of advertising sellers in various media, with more than 800 media available at present – and growing rapidly. With media located all over the world, Myadbase offers advertisers a sort of online media marketplace for advertising placement.

Of course, magazine advertisements are a vital component of many an effective advertising campaign; and many magazine publishers are to be found on the site, with ideal media placements being available for any campaign. Here advertisers will find media companies of all sizes, including major players in the publishing industry such as Dennis (Maxim, Fortean Times and others) and Haymarket (Stuff, as well as many business and medical industry titles). Media packs may be downloaded directly from the Myadbase from the site to give marketing departments a closer look at the available media and the companies behind them.

It’s easy to understand why publishers have been flocking to the site as well. Myadbase founder Andrew Long explains “The internet is a global resource and Myadbase allows publishers all over the world easy access to advertisers. They can easily create profiles on the site for the perusal of advertisers; profiles on pages which have the advantage of a built-in high search engine ranking, a link directly to the publisher’s website and the ability to feature a downloadable media pack of up to 5 MB in size”. Long continues “Publishers benefit from increased link popularity as well as an easy way for interested advertisers to contact them – they can simply fill out a contact form on the profile page to receive a quote or to ask for further information”.

Certainly, Myadbase’s virtual shop window model of matching advertisers to publishers represents a new paradigm in the world of magazine advertising sales – and publishers as well as advertisers from all over the globe are taking notice. The company is experiencing rapid growth and it is certain to become an even bigger name in the advertising and marketing world than it already has. With a wide variety of services available and some very attractive subscription packages on offer for new clients (including three months trial at no cost), this is a company which is certainly poised to achieve even greater things in the near future.

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