Beverly Eakman Author and Education’s Whistleblower to be Featured Interview on KAJO Radio

Beverly Eakman author of four books exposing the “dumbing-down” of our children will be interviewed live on KAJO radio April 8,2009. She will be discussing the real purpose behind mental health screening tests.

Washington, DC, March 30, 2009 --( Interested in what’s going on in the Mental Health Industry and Mental Health Screening? If so, tune into best-selling, award-winning author Beverly Eakman’s live radio interview by Scott Jorgenson on KAJO, the leading news and talk show station in Southern Oregon.

Beverly Eakman was invited to the show after her article “Marxism Comes to America” was published and appeared in NewsWithViews. A sought after speaker and author of many op-ed articles on what is happening in America today, Eakman’s views always lead to a lively show.

“I take issue with teaching methodologies whose primary purpose is to target the emotions rather than challenge the intellect. Teachers do not exist to strip away a parent’s belief system from children in their classrooms, and to then transmit “new” values to them. Today parents are waking up to see children who are nothing like them – people they don’t know and who don’t even share what few values they have left.” stated Ms. Eakman.

She went on to say, "In my most recent book, Walking Targets, I reveal an agenda that begins with government-controlled child-rearing and force-feeds young people a pseudo-education under the cover of ‘mental health,’ ‘safety,’ ‘jobs,’ and something called ‘lifelong learning.’ I explain how and why, under the cover of educational and mental-health testing, opinions of schoolchildren are being used from the earliest years and show how psychographic techniques, once confined to market research, have been retooled for data-mining purposes."

The interview takes place Wednesday, April 8th, 9:30-10:30am PST (12:30-1:30 EST). Listen online live at KAJO.COM or at 1270 on the dial in Southern Oregon. Call-in line 541.472.1270. Visit

About Beverly Eakman:
Beverly K. Eakman is a former speechwriter for the Voice of America (under the U.S. Information Agency) as well as for the late Chief Justice Warren E. Burger when he chaired the Commission of the Bicentennial of the U.S. Constitution, and then a writer for the U.S. Dept. of Justice. Since retiring from the federal government, she has won numerous awards and is a sought-after speaker and lecturer with over 700+ interviews and over 150 speaking engagements.

She is the author of three best-selling books on education policy, mental-health issues and data-trafficking. She is a free-lance columnist with dozens of feature articles. You can find her articles in NewsWithViews, Education Week, Chronicles Magazine, The Washington Times, National Review, Crisis Magazine, Vital Speeches of the Day, and The Washington Post. She began her career as a teacher, where she first got wind, in the 1960’s and 70’s, of what was about to happen to classrooms nationwide. Her writings citing that period are considered historically important today and have earned her nationwide recognition.

Contact info: For interviews and speaking engagements Tel: 301.946.5395 or email BKEakman @ Find her on Myspace and LinkedIn. Order her books at

Beverly Eakman - Author
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