Online Candidate Screening Service Opens Free Registrations

QWE3 Inc. launches online candidate screening service to help employers reduce costs. After this process flow was used in screening of more than 25,000 candidates, service opens free registrations for early adopters.

San Francisco, CA, March 31, 2009 --( QWE3 Inc. announced today that online candidate screening service publicly opens free registrations. is a Web service without monthly and setup fees, but strictly results oriented. Goal of this service is to provide tool for HR professionals and small businesses to cut costs of the hiring process and increase ability to identify top applicants. also aims to improve social aspect of the screening process for the candidates.

Different studies show that at least 75% of job applicants are unqualified, and that can be easily identified when using scoring system. By automating this process, at the same time ensures that job submission process will remain the same by unobtrusively integrating in it.

Product tour and video demo is available online

First 100 customers who register with the following promotion will get $5 credit to test the system worry-free.

Beginning today, also opens public API which makes it easy to integrate with third-party software and job boards.

QWE3 Inc.
Alexey Prokhorenko
(415) 335-7373