First Class Homeschool Ministries Announces New Headquarters/Open House

Christian ministry that helps churches start homeschool co-ops gets a boost in the form of free office space at US Digital's Outreach Center.

Vancouver, WA, April 02, 2009 --( First Class Homeschool Ministries is opening a parent resource center in the heart of Vancouver, Washington.

The new office space has become the headquarters for the international Christian ministry which helps parents and churches start homeschool co-ops. The ministry will hold an open house on Thursday, April 2nd from 6:30-9:00 p.m. in the Outreach Center located on 136th Avenue near the Firstenburg Center.

A homeschooling movement is sweeping across the nation. First Class aims to work with pastors and convince them to reach out to this growing demographic. In Vancouver, First Class has become well-known for it's homeschool cooperatives. At the end of February, FCHM became one of just a handful of ministries recently granted office space at US Digital.

First Class Homeschool Ministries is now officially part of the US Digital Outreach Center , whose goal is to provide Christian non-profits with needed office space and support - all free of charge.

For US Digital, the idea was simple: Develop 17,000 square feet of unused space in their 110,000 square foot facility and provide the infrastructure for a variety of small Christ centered ministries that complement each other. US Digital would provide these ministries with a home and allow them the freedom to operate independently to fulfill their purposes. The common location of multiple ministries under one roof promotes synergy, cooperation, and networking that multiply their opportunities and effectiveness.

A simple "idea" for US Digital has become a miracle for ministries like FCHM. First Class now has space to more effectively utilize it's 35+ volunteers and a room which has been set aside to house curricula and other homeschooling information for parents in the area.

"This is an answer to three years of praying," said Jay St. John, Executive Director of FCHM. "We could not believe it when we heard about this opportunity. Our entire ministry has been energized by the move. The heart behind the vision of US Digital is incredible and we are thrilled to be a part of it."

Thursday night, FCHM will host an open house for the community. The purpose is to allow people to see the new office space and to become more familiar with the ministry of FCHM. First Class, which has been operating homeschool cooperatives since 2000, now has 34 co-ops across the United States and Canada. "We are excited about the growth of the ministry," said Jay, "It's something we have been working towards and praying about for a long time."

The open house will be open to anyone who wants to attend. Light refreshments will be served. At 7 p.m. a very short presentation will be made to commemorate the event.

FCHM has become the largest ministry of it's kind and has a vision for much more growth in the months and years to come. First Class plans to extend it's reach even further with the opening of it's new offices.

Heidi St. John, co-founder of First Class, is expecting even more growth in 2009. "It just keeps getting better," she said. "Homeschooling presents tremendous challenges and opportunities to both parents and their children. We are excited about the opportunity to reach out and support them in very tangible ways."

For additional information on the ministry of FCHM or to reach the St. Johns directly, visit

Contact: Melissa Lowery, Executive Assistant
First Class Homeschool Ministries

1400 NE 136th Avenue
Vancouver, Washington 98684

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