April 8 Is Zoo Lovers Day. Find Out What's New at the Zoo.

Come celebrate Zoo Lovers Day with your family by pre-ordering a copy of Sylvan Dell Publishing's Fall 2009 title, What's New at the Zoo.

Mount Pleasant, SC, April 02, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Did you know that the first zoo was built back in 1500 B.C.? Or how about that contemporary zoos, like the ones we see today, were developed when European explorers came to the New World? Zoos have existed for thousands of years… but isn’t it time to find out what’s new at the zoo? April 8 is Zoo Lovers Day—the perfect opportunity to round up the family for a fun-filled day at the zoo. You can enjoy the sight of monkeys swinging branch to branch, elephants waving their trunks…but what if you and your family don’t live near a zoo? Don’t fret; Sylvan Dell Publishing is here to help. You can still experience the joy and excitement of spending a day at the zoo without even leaving the house.

What’s New at the Zoo?, by Suzanne Slade and illustrated by Joan Waites, is available in the fall of 2009. This book provides an adding animal adventure for young children, giving them the opportunity to put their counting skills to good use. Each page features tons of typical zoo animals, such as peacocks, giraffes, camels… and your child will love flipping each page to count them all. Readers can also learn what zoo keepers actually feed these different animals and what each baby zoo animal is called. Your children will become enthralled with the life-like illustrations of Joan Waites, as she brings the zoo right to your own backyard.

Additionally, there is a “For Creative Minds” section in the back of What’s New at the Zoo? that features an animal addition exercise, an addition by column activity, and an animal matching exercise. Can you match the following baby animal descriptions to their adult counterparts? (Answers are at the bottom of the page.)

1) These cubs are about the size of a pet hamster, are blind, and don’t have any fur or teeth when born. The mother stays in her cozy den with her baby cubs for about a month. Young cubs drink milk from their mothers. When they are about a year old, cubs begin eating tender leaves from bamboo plants. Later, after their teeth become strong enough to chew, they will also eat the tough bamboo stems.

2) Newborn calves weigh about 250 pounds (113 kg)! These huge babies are able to stand soon after they are born. These calves drink milk from their mothers. When they are a few months old, calves begin to munch on grass. These babies like to follow their mothers wherever they go. They might even suck on their trunks much like young children suck their thumbs.

Find more in the book, hitting shelves mid-summer. What better way to spend Zoo Lovers Day if you can’t make it to an actual zoo? Head over to the Sylvan Dell website and preview What’s New at the Zoo? at http://www.sylvandellpublishing.com/BookPDFs-Previews/NewZoo-Preview.pdf. How many animals will you find at the zoo?

An additional Sylvan Dell zoo title is the 2008 release ‘Twas the Day Before Zoo Day, which was just chosen for the 2009 IRA-CBC Children’s Choices List. This delightful adaptation of ’Twas the Night Before Christmas, shares zoo keeper and animal preparations for the upcoming “Zoo Day.” But things aren’t going according to plan . . . The llamas won’t quit spitting, the giraffes are drooling, and the zebras aren’t happy at all with their stripes. Meanwhile, the zoo keepers are scurrying this way and that, cleaning up poop, ringing mealtime bells, and trying to get the animals bathed. Will “Zoo Day” go off without a hitch? For more information about this title, visit http://www.sylvandellpublishing.com/ZooDay.php.

(Answers: 1) Panda, 2) Elephant)


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