Announcing a New Website Offering Vitamin C Shower Filters

There’s help today for dry, itchy skin, frizzy hair, even unsightly dandruff. Dibili, LLC has officially launched a new website ( offering the latest in Vitamin C shower heads and shower filters. These shower filters eliminate the chlorine and other toxins from the user's shower water, preventing nasty and annoying side effects, while simultaneously imparting the healing qualities of Vitamin C, promoting softer skin and healthier hair.

San Diego, CA, April 03, 2009 --( Why are shower filters so important?

A shower filter is not at the top of everyone’s list of gotta-haves. Unfortunately, here in the U.S. we have a problem with our water supply. Chlorine has been added to the U.S. water supply as a decontaminant since the mid-1970s.

The chlorine serves a great purpose - it is used to ward off bacteria that are introduced into our water from contaminants like raw sewage treatment plants and the environment in general. This necessarily-recycled water from our sewage treatment plants, though treated and aerated, is bound to have some residual bacteria. Thus, chlorine is used to finish off the disinfectant process.

The problem is that chlorine, especially when vaporized by a hot-water shower, is extraordinarily harmful to our skin, hair, lungs, and cardiovascular systems. Prolonged exposure has been linked to ailments as diverse as cancer, asthmatic symptoms, dry, patchy skin, and frizzy, lusterless hair.

Dibili's new website,, to the rescue. is now offering an affordable and reliable protection from the harmful effects of chlorine - Vitamin C shower heads and shower filters from Sonaki. These shower filters are proven to be the most safe and effective method of eliminating virtually all of the chlorine from the user's shower water, thus leaving only pure, vitamin enriched shower water.

Examples of the shower filters offered by Dibili's new website -

Sonaki Vitamin C chlorine shower filters are available in a variety of styles, and a range of prices. For example the popular Vita-Max Inline Shower Filter can be used with any standard shower head, and it delivers pure, food-grade Vitamin C into your shower water to eliminate chlorine and other harmful toxins. As its name implies, the Vita-Max Inline Shower Filter mounts to an existing shower head for ultra convenience and peace of mind. also offers the elegant Sonaki Crystal - a stylish, luxury shower head filter that offers the convenience of both a hand-held and mounted shower head, as well as the luxury of multiple spray settings, including a soothing silky shower stream or a relaxing, high pressure massage.

The child-friendly Sonaki Waffle offers an amazing amount of control with its adjustable hand held shower head and a dial that allows the user to decrease and increase the water pressure to their liking. Children love the design, and parents will the protection it provides.

Of course, offers Vitamin C filter cartridges to ensure that the user always has enough shower filters on hand to keep their water chlorine free and vitamin rich. Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Dibili, LLC is so sure of their customers' complete satisfaction with that they offer a 110% money-back guarantee. If a customer is not completely satisfied with one of their new shower filters, they can simply return it within 60 days, and they will get 110% of their money back, no questions asked. is currently offering special pricing on their entire line of Vitamin C shower heads and shower water filters.

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Brian Daly