New Project – Virtual Tours Around the World’s Cultural Heritage

Riga, Latvia, April 04, 2009 --( The Irish company Softeks IT Networks Ltd has launched a unique Internet project - virtual tours around the World's cultural heritage.

With help of the Panorama Viewer Internet users will have the possibility to visit virtually historic and cultural places, to have a close look at the World's cultural treasures, the interiors of museums and castles, etc.

This project, based on the Panorama Viewer system, available on Real Estate website .

The main task of Panorama Viewer - inexpensive and simple way of panoramic photos development for everyone.

The main goal of the system – easy way to get the personal panoramic photos and save hundreds of Euro on professional services.

Panorama Viewer system combines together the regular photos and automatically develops up to 360degrees panoramic photo, which allows visitors to watch places around, zoom in and out details and have a walk from one photographed room into another.

This solution helps private or commercial Real Estate owners and Real Estate sellers to place a panoramic copy of their Real Estate in Internet and provide clients with more detailed views without investments.

All museum and cultural authorities will be provided with no-cost help in development of Panoramic sceneries and virtual tours.

Everyone invited to keep an eye on a development of the project and to enjoy new objects!

Example of panoramic photo: ...


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