BOLT Announces BOLT Bridge for Laserfiche

BOLT Bridge lets Laserfiche users scan documents faster and easier with affordable, practical distributed scanning.

Elkhart, IN, April 04, 2009 --( As a Laserfiche value added reseller BOLT Document Management has watched the family of products grow and mature from simple document imaging to become a leader in content, workflow and business process management. “Over ten years we’ve seen a big shift from centralized scanning to distributed scanning,” says Jeff Nelson, BOLT VP. “Distributed scanning enhances the management of dynamic documents and records by capturing them earlier in the workflow process eliminating manual paper routing, distributing work loads, and making information available throughout the organization sooner. The distributed capture concept is also a better fit for organizations spread over multiple sites or locations.”

The standard ISIS based Laserfiche scanning interface is very powerful and offers great flexibility – something very useful for experienced and knowledgeable scan operators in centralized scanning situations. However, for distributed scanning to work well it needs affordability (software and hardware), simplicity, and it must be easy to train and support. According to Nelson “as a member of the Laserfiche Professional Developer Program we recognized the opportunity to leverage the ‘one button’ feature of many of today’s desktop and portable scanners if we connected it directly with Laserfiche. We went to work and BOLT Bridge was born.”

BOLT Bridge functions by allowing the creation and storage of up to nine unique document profiles. Each profile can be configured with pre-set information such as document name, document indexing, document routing, etc. At scan time users simply select the proper profile number on the scanner control panel and scan. BOLT Bridge automatically connects to the Laserfiche server and uploads the document in real time. BOLT Bridge utilizes a Laserfiche client license from the license pool only during the upload process and the Laserfiche client does not have to be installed on the scanning computer unless the on-the-fly full page OCR is required.

BOLT Bridge also supports an advanced mode option that prompts the user for document information (name, indexes, routing, sticky notes, etc) on-the-fly at scan time. BOLT Bridge conforms to Laserfiche and Active Directory log-ins and security rights and it supports Laserfiche versions 7.x, 8.x, and Laserfiche Intuition version 7.x.

Though available directly, BOLT prefers that BOLT Bridge be sold and installed by the user’s Laserfiche Value Added Reseller. “The user’s Laserfiche reseller is usually best suited for assessing need and providing installation and configuration of the product,” Nelson says. More product information including a video and list of supported scanners is available at

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Jeff Nelson
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