The Swinden Group Offers Free Severe Weather Advisories for April

For the month of April, Severe Weather Advisories, by the Swinden Group, are being provided free of charge.

Evergreen, CO, April 04, 2009 --( April is transition month for weather here in the United States and around the globe. As the last of the winter storms drop out of Canada to provide near blizzard conditions for parts of the nation, the other part is hammered by severe thunderstorms capable of producing baseball sized hail and tornadoes. The Swinden Group is offering their daily Sever Weather Advisories for free for the month of April for those that want to stay ahead of severe weather.

Severe Weather Advisories, produced by The Swinden Group, has been assisting businesses and individuals stay ahead of Mother Nature’s wrath by providing a daily severe weather briefing that highlights the “hot spots” in terms of severe weather not only in the United States, but around the globe. Companies such as Ferguson Enterprises, McKesson, Hyatt International, and Cardinal Health all subscribe to The Swinden Group’s Severe Weather Advisories to better prepare for business impacting severe weather events.

“April is when severe weather events start to heat up for the US and continues into hurricane season,” says Matthew Swinden, President of The Swinden Group. “In our daily advisory, we advised our clients of potential severe weather events that can negatively impact business operations or travel plans for business and individual travelers. So as we jump into spring, we want to offer something that will be beneficial to not only businesses but also to individuals so that they can better be prepared for when severe weather strikes.”

The more advanced warning, the better.

Knowing that a storm or destructive weather event will occur is critical not only to Crisis Management but also to the business or pleasure traveler. The more advanced warning, the better. With the information provided by the Swinden Group, organizations and even travelers can prepare for the weather event by making business decisions about whether to keep a plant open or delay a business trip.

"Severe Weather Advisories helped us prepare for the coming storm. The information arrived earlier and was in a more concise presentation which allowed me to quickly compare with local weather information and make decisions,” explains one Fortune 500 client of the Swinden Groups. “The regional aspect of the reporting is also very helpful to us as a global company in that we have numerous people traveling through airport and other transit hubs around the world. The Swinden Group’s data helps in determining how weather will affect our business in those regions.”

“The Severe Weather Advisories are transmitted to subscribers via email”, says Swinden. “Since most travelers have their emails forwarded to their cell phones, they are always kept ahead of the storm.”

If would like to receive Severe Weather Advisories for free of charge for the month of April, visit the Swinden Group’s website at or send a request to

The Swinden Group provides companies and organizations security, investigations, and risk management services worldwide. Severe Weather Advisories are provided to corporations and business travelers in order for them to prepare for travel or business impacting weather events.


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