Home Publishing Part of a New Influx of Websites Helping People Embarking on New Home-Working Enterprise

Website sales entrepreneur, Ronnie Esere, introduces methods where home-workers can educate themselves in the methods of starting their own business by providing websites which offer all the information they need with just the click of a mouse.

Uckfield, United Kingdom, July 22, 2006 --(PR.com)-- The home-working revolution has been aided by a new facility to download all you need to know about starting your own business – just by logging on to the internet. People wanting to change their working lifestyle are now finding that limited experience is no boundary to success as the internet can provide all they need to know to get on to that home-working ladder. Ronnie Esere is the man behind this educational concept which is relatively new to the UK.

“8 months ago I decided that I wanted to be my own boss. Something that I could run from the comfort of my own home and where I had complete say on the direction that I wanted the business go in. I did a great deal of research but couldn’t find anything that could support me in how best to achieve me objectives. I needed information so it seemed obvious that there would be people out there wanting the same kind of resource.”

From there Ronnie started the research that was to make a huge difference to his lifestyle and create the changes necessary for his career to become a home-working one. He continues, “My research took me to the internet and then to sales. There I found all that I needed from sites that sold books which would educate me in starting my own business. I also found that I could then purchase the rights to resell those publications – passing on the knowledge to others in the same situation as me. It couldn’t have been easier and it really got me on my way to starting my own company.”

It is this objective to share his knowledge and research that has led Ronnie to manage four websites providing an information resource for the home-worker. “Best 2 Save.co.uk” is an iprofit e-book package which enables the client to download publications with the option of purchasing “resell rights” which allow the purchaser to sell on as many copies as they wish. The e-books are available in all subjects guiding through the business process from start-up to website payment procedures which mean that you can start making sales and seeing your business flourish immediately. His second site provides an E-book stationary shop. Here you can find books on subjects ranging from internet marketing to an encyclopaedia explaining everything from how to get free advertising to ways to increase sales. All books are provided digitally so there is no postage or waiting for shipping and also come with the opportunity to purchase the resell rights. His third site – “Home Publishing Direct” sells publications on all subjects from web design to marriage guidance but Ronnie has received the greatest response from the “start a homemailorderbusiness.co.uk” website which offers business support mentoring - on a disk. This virtual teaching facility is ideal for businesses who want a step by step guide to mail order business. Ronnie continues:

“I believe that all four of these sites can offer all the information that a person needs to make their living from home. The products have been tried and tested for their effectiveness in an American market. The UK is fast emerging as a rival for the number of people making a good living from home. There are a great deal of choices for people who want this type of working and my sites offer an information resource that can be used for personal knowledge gain or passed on as a saleable concept. They have been the inspiration behind hundreds of people who are now running their own successful home-working business.”

Ronnie Esere is the founder and Director of Sales of www.best2save.co.uk., www.ebooksoftwareshop.co.uk , www.startamailorderbusiness.co.uk, and www.homepublisingdirect.co.uk . 8 months from launch he has seen growing increase in demand for information on home-working and has seen his sites providing an information resource for home-workers all over the country. Ronnie seeks to expand his own enterprise to include over 20 sites by the end of the year.

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