2,75 Mio. Dollar - World Record: Leon Verres Launches the World´s Most Expensive and Luxurious Champagne of All Times

The Leon Verres Luxury Group is proud to announce the world´s most expensive and luxurious Champagne of all times - created by Leon Verres, the new superstar in luxurious-lifestyle, on his road to eternity. Discover a magnificent Champagne beyond all expectations. A new legend is born: “Le Billionaire Champagne.”

Rome, Italy, April 08, 2009 --(PR.com)-- The about 2,7 million officially registered Leon Verres Luxury Group customers, had to be patient for more than three years by now – but finally the time has come now. Leon Verres has created with "Le Billionaire Champagne" the most expensive and most exclusive Champagne of all times.

The 2,75 Mio. dollar expensive Salmanazar-bottle of the "Le Billionaire Champagne"-series contains nine litres and is the most precious bottle of Champagne of all times. A precious designer dress encases the bottle adorned with several hundred sparkling diamonds. A Russian fur cap, the so-called "Shapka", additionally underscores the czaristic glory of "Le Billionaire Champagne" and adds the Salmanazar-bottle of this series a breathtaking countenance. Leon Verres will only place altogether five of this exclusive bottles of champagne on the market entitled "Piece of history" and thus actually makes history. At last with the strictly limited and entirely nine litres containing Salmanazar-bottle is about the most expensive Champagne of all times. Billionaires from Russia, Dubai and China have already saved exemplars of the exclusive Champagne of Leon Verres, so that only one exemplar of the precious Salmanazar-bottles is still available. Within the scope of the "Le Billionaire Champagne World Tour" this final exemplar will be presented to the world public. Afterwards a sale at auction of the still remaining Salmanazar-bottle of the "Le Billionaire Champagne"-series will take place for the benefit of a good cause.

Moreover all others who are fallen for the "Le Billionaire Champagne" do not have to go away empty-handed because Leon Verres has additionally created an alternative which is just as luxury and glamorous, the 0,75 l version of the "Le Billionaire Champagne". For 2.750 dollars partisans of Leon Verres will receive a miniature-edition of the most expensive Champagne of all times. As a matter of course the Champagne of the 0,75 l bottle hails from the same vintage like that in the 9 l Salmanazar-bottle. The removable designer dress, the impressive packing, as well as a multitude of valuable crystals provide an absolute identical countenance for this smaller version of the "Le Billionaire Champagne", so that this one will surely be acclaimed in equal measure as the imposing Salmanazar-bottle.

Testers of well-known gourmet-magazines, luminaries of the world of wines, as well as a multitude of famous celebrities confirm the uniqueness of this "handiwork out of master touch". For them "Le Billionaire Champagne" represents the coronation of all that what luxury can denote.

Leon Verres Champagne does not tolerate any mainstream but is exclusively served in the most announced bars, clubs and restaurants of our period. All over the place where the exalted luxury-lifestyle is celebrated, also "Le Billionaire Champagne" of Leon Verres is at home.

Leon Verres says:
"After years of hard work finally it is done! Finally I'm having my "Le Billionaire Champagne" in my hands and I am completely overwhelmed. Still a few years ago I would not have dared to dream of being the creator of the most expensive champagne of all times someday. Finally I could not even afford a bar of chocolate with taste of Champagne in former times. The international interest in my "Le Billionaire Champagne" however shows me that the perennial development work was worth it. Millions of people can't hardly wait to get to know this Champagne which typifies the ultimate luxury – not to mention the unending orders which reach us despite this difficult time. To present one's luxury-products in times of sunshine and abundance is not really a great art. Now it remains to be seen who has got what it takes. Now heroes are born. I am very certain that the era of the small independent luxury-forges has begun while the concerns of luxury goods, having the expansion bug, will collapse like the old Roman Empire. Prepare for Glory! See ya on tour!"

Francis McDermott