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Sante Natural Products Introduces the Newly Designed Essential Energy Mug

Completely updated and redesigned, the Sante Essential Energy Mug is energized to three million bovis. Liquids placed in the mug will be positively energized.

Bloomfield Hills, MI, July 24, 2006 --( Introducing the all new Sante Energy "Cell" Mug energized to three million bovis. Energize Everything You Drink.

Sante Natural Products of Clearwater, Florida announces a new design for their popular Energel 17 ounce Mug. The Energy Cell Mug, available at, is a polycarbonate mug with Sante's exclusive three million Bovis Energy "Cell" insert. Liquids placed in the mug will be positively energized improving their flavor and making them more compatible with your body.

Sante's products offset the effects of environmental pollution and negative energy that are found in almost every home. Their products enhance the Natural Earth Energy that is found in all natural substances; reducing negative energy and imparting health giving effects.

Worldwide, about forty scientific groups are currently working on bio-photon research supporting bovis energy. The largest of these is the International Institute of Biophysics (IBE) in Neuss, Germany.

"There is a large body of scientific evidence indicating that energized water is different from 'normal' water we have researched to date," according to Carl E. Baugh, Ph.D., of The Creation Evidence Museum. Dr. Baugh has been experimenting with "energized" water for several years and has demonstrated beneficial results in living systems such as pacu piranha fish, fruit flies, agriculture plants, etc. "My personal experience substantiates that a pronounced energy transfer takes place when drinking this 'energized' water," continues Dr. Baugh.

Sante's products include the newly designed Energy Mug as well as a line of water filters, energizing food containers and other natural health products. More information on the product line can be found at


I have been using Essential Energy products for two years in my practice. These products are not a "cure" for any disease but support the body's energy needs and correct the energy drain that normally accompanies the intake of processed water, refined foods, and chemicals or sleeping or working in an area that is below that required for support of human life. People consistently report greater levels of energy when consuming High Energy Water. I have observed this benefit in individuals with conditions as varied as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic viral illness, and cancer.

D.H.P. MD, Edmond, OK

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