Teaching American Youth Conservation and Care for Their World… April 12-18 Marks National Environmental Education Week

In a world dominated by video games, cellular phones, and iPods, who has the time to think about the environment? It’s easy to look away when environmental education is waning. After all, how can you fix something if you don’t know what broke it in the first place?

Mt Pleasant, SC, April 10, 2009 --(PR.com)-- However, thanks to the National Environmental Education Foundation, it’s hard to make excuses—especially as they prepare to celebrate an entire week focused solely on conservation tactics, environmental awareness, and earth science education.

April 12th through the 18th marks National Environmental Education Week. This is the single largest organized environmental education event in the United States. It not only encourages environmental education in the classroom, but it also serves to increase Earth Day awareness, coming up April 22. It is coordinated by the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) in cooperation with thousands of schools, environmental education organizations, education associations, and state and federal agencies. Last year, registered partner organizations totaled 1,850. For 2009, participation goals include 2,200 partner organizations; 4.5 million students; and 45 million hours of environmental learning in the United States. Concern for environmental education has been spreading in recent times. High-stakes, standardized testing has been in the forefront, while elective subjects—such as environmental education—has been squeezed out of many American classrooms. The NEEF is fighting to prevent the spread of this trend.

Sylvan Dell Publishing is proud to be a registered participant in National Environmental Education Week. Sylvan Dell was founded in 2004 by Lee and Donna German. As a family, the Germans spent six months on the road, traveling to zoos, aquariums, and national parks, developing a lifelong love of learning along the way. Sylvan Dell Publishing was born upon their return, and Lee and Donna set out to create books that were not only exciting to read but also part of a cross-curricular learning adventure. Since the founding of the company, 40 books have hit the national shelves and over 70 awards have been won. Sylvan Dell has fulfilled its mission of “science and math through literature” and created so much more than just picture books—it has created educational picture books that encourage environmental awareness and conservation in the youth of America.

So what are some ways to bring National Environmental Education Week to your backyard?
1) Create a backyard or schoolyard wildlife habitat.
2) Like Lee, Donna, and their kids: Take a trip to your local zoo, aquarium or nature center.
3) Plant trees native to your state.
4) Get environmental education curriculum ideas from the Sylvan Dell website: http://www.sylvandellpublishing.com/ForCreativeMinds.htm.

For more activity ideas and to register your organization, visit the National Environmental Education Week website at http://www.eeweek.org. For information about Sylvan Dell titles, visit http://www.sylvandellpublishing.com. As a nation, we can make a difference, and ignorance is no excuse. With the help of parents and educators, the youth of America can be taught to care about their environment. Support the NEEF and its efforts by registering and promoting National Environmental Education week today.

Sylvan Dell Publishing
Sara Dobie