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H.M. Cragg Co.

H.M. Cragg Co. Enables Clients with Ever-Changing Power Needs to Dynamically Move Power Outlets – at the Twist of a Wrist – Via Groundbreaking Starline Track Busway

Online Discussion Board http://www.hmcragg.com/starlinetrackbusway/ to Facilitate Conversation for Innovative Power Distribution System

Minneapolis, MN, July 25, 2006 --(PR.com)-- www.hmcragg.com - H.M. Cragg Co., a MN-based provider of quality power solutions including UPS, PEM fuel cells and batteries, today announced their newest quality power solution, the Starline Track Busway.

The Starline Track Busway is a revolutionary power distribution system that allows for immediate power supply changes without having to power down the entire system, eliminating the restrictions of conduit and wire systems.

The innovative Insert, Turn and Lock feature allows commercial and light industries access to:

Around the clock power
Quick floor changes
Instant workstation additions

H.M. Cragg Co. has created the Starline Track Busway Discussion Board to facilitate industry conversations and visually demonstrate this new offering.

The discussion board will allow current and potential users of the Starline Track Busway to pose questions and share comments regarding the power distribution system.  The Q&A may include items such as:

Are there safety concerns with Starline Track Busway? No, the Starline Busway prevents electric shock by the recessed track, finger proof design. 
Is the Starline Track Busway low ampere? Yes, it is available in 60, 100, 160 or 225 ampere systems and to soon be released in a 400 ampere version as well.

“H.M. Cragg Co. is excited to be able to offer an interactive medium where customers and interested parties can pose questions about the Starline Track Busway,” said Paul Heggestad, President of H.M. Cragg Co. “This discussion board stands true to our value proposition of consistently offering quality products and information to our clients.”

To join the Starline Track Busway discussion please visit: http://www.hmcragg.com/starlinetrackbusway/

About H.M. Cragg Co.
H.M. Cragg Co. is a premier MN-based provider of quality power solutions including Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells and Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS).  Products include Anderson Connectors, C & D Technologies, Inc. batteries, Rittal Cabinets and Eaton Powerware UPS and UPS batteries.  More information about the company can be found at www.hmcragg.com.

H.M. Cragg Co.
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