Costa Rica: 2009’s Leading Market for Real Estate Investment and Sustainable Development

Investments in Sarasota expands real estate operations in Costa Rica.

Sarasota, FL, April 15, 2009 --( Investments in Sarasota’s Lee Mirman announced Monday the Sarasota-based company has expanded its business of real estate sales and investment in Costa Rica, aligning with key partners that share the same values in designing, developing, and building using lean, green, and clean practices.

Mirman has visited the Central American country twice in the first quarter of 2009 to meet with multiple developers and strategic leaders in real estate, law, and banking to establish sister company Investments in Costa Rica. The company now offers a host of residential ownership and investment opportunities as Costa Rica evolves as a role model for conservationism and eco- tourism, attracting growing numbers of visitors, foreign residents and businesses.

"The costs of ownership and living in Costa Rica are extremely attractive to international buyers. This factor coupled with the unique experience one can have in a country with such awe-inspiring natural beauty and biodiversity, high quality of life, and easy accessibility make it an attractive option for both owning and investing,” explains Mirman. “Our company now conducts real estate tours to provide potential buyers a hands-on experience with the local attractions, culture, people, and food while getting educated on the real estate market.”

Costa Rica offers a stable currency, considerable infrastructure, as well easy accessibility to the United States, only a 2 -3 hour flight from Florida and Texas. With a 1,290-kilometer coastline peppered with beaches, over 100 volcanic cones, and a vast variety of flora, fauna and ecosystems, Costa Rica offers its inhabitants and visitors experiences that are one-of-a-kind. It is becoming a much sought after haven for retirees who value the relaxed atmosphere and distinct life experience of living abroad.

Costa Rica, a country the size of West Virginia in the isthmus of Central America, enjoys a stable economy. It is a democracy and abolished its army in 1948. It has the highest literacy rate in Latin America. The largest export is electronics. Intel manufactures one of their fastest chips in Costa Rica and some technologists believe that technology will lead the way out of the world's economic slowdown. The country also depends on tourism and agricultural exports, according to the Central Intelligence Agency’s World Fact book.

Investments in Sarasota’s mission is to provide real estate sales and investment services with superior analysis and insights of domestic and international trends. It was awarded Sarasota Magazine’s Five Star Real Estate Award: Best in Client Satisfaction for two consecutive years. This recognition comes from operating with the utmost knowledge, skill and integrity.

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