Global Academy Online Revolutionizes Online Education with Its Private Label Curriculum

Delivering private label online curriculum boosting online instruction to new heights in a transparent environment, this Washington DC firm makes the smallest liberal arts college competitive with the biggest research university for student scholars anywhere in the world.

Washington, DC, July 25, 2006 --( Ideas to revolutionize online higher education grew out of one professor's online teaching assignment at a small southwestern Christian liberal arts college in the fall of 2001. With an administration and board of trustees apparently stuck trying to attract students to their remote campus in the high desert of New Mexico, the professor recommended expanding online curriculum rapidly in order to improve enrollment and attract an international diverse student body.

The solitary voice belonged to Professor Fred DiUlus, e-learning expert and the CEO & Founder of Global Academy Online, Inc., a Washington DC based provider of transparent, private-label, turnkey curriculum and instruction. DiUlus' Academy has patent pending system that may well boost higher education to new heights and be the savior of the marginalized liberal arts campuses struggling to compete online with public and major endowed campuses with an endless resource of money.

DiUlus discovered his system while teaching a course he had created online called Freedom, Ethics & Free Enterprise. When he made his recommendation to the Dean of his department and the President of the college, he dreamed of bringing the small liberal arts institution the wonders of advanced online delivered education. With it, he felt they could attract a world-class faculty, evolve multiple degree choices, and introduce innovative online curriculum. He was convinced, he said, that “the little college would draw students from around the world like bear cubs to honey.” Few, at the time, agreed with him.

Convinced online education was the next tsunami to hit higher education, DiUlus resigned his position and launched the Academy in 2002. By the Fall semester of that year, he introduced his transparent online course delivery and instructional system with a complete turnkey MBA program. “The system evolved”, DiUlus notes, “into one that requires no capital outlay, no additional in-house financial resources, no additional faculty, and not a single dollar in development. Any college”, according to DiUlus, “no matter how small will, with our system, be fully capable of adding qualified, accredited curriculum and instruction online in up to 31 disciplines.”

Professor DiUlus agrees with the late Peter Drucker. Known as the father of modern management, Drucker cautioned educators that brick and mortar colleges had a limited future and would no longer exist in a generation. “With The Academy as their silent partner”, states DiUlus, “at risk institutions will survive Drucker's ominous prediction and live on to compete with any college or university. They will be able to draw students from anywhere on the globe and do it to with such success, I believe, one cannot even begin to imagine the impact.” He concluded, “We offer the future.”
DiUlus makes his home in New Mexico.

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