Graphical Knowledge Engine from Berlin Wins International Red Herring Award

Little more than two months after its release, graphical knowledge engine achieves latest big success: the Red Herring Europe Top 100 Award.

Berlin, Germany, April 16, 2009 --( Red Herring's annual list of the top 100 most promising European private companies is an important part of the publication's tradition of identifying new and innovative technology companies and entrepreneurs.

"After winning two categories of the German SMB award "Innovationspreis IT" at this year's CeBit we look forward to gaining international visibility by this award from the US", says a content Ralf von Grafenstein, founder and CEO of vionto GmbH. vionto has been founded at the end of 2008 in Berlin with the goal of becoming a key player in the market of knowledge engines.

Knowledge engines are among the most interesting developments on the internet today. They are designed to extract automatically information from the web and provide them to the user. "Search engines offer you hints where you might find information - knowledge engines provide you with information", explains CIO Dr. Christian Giertler. Within the new segment of knowledge engines there is still no top dog. Powerset from San Francisco was acquired by Microsoft at the end of 2008 for 100 Mio USD. In May, the inventor of Mathematica, Stephen Wolfram, will launch his knowledge engine Wolfram-Alpha, which has been highly acclaimed in advance within the last couple of weeks. "In this emerging market of knowledge engines German IT should play a leading role", says von Grafenstein. The second founder, neurobiologist Dr. Martin Hirsch adds: "With our graphical knowledge engine approach that is inspired by findings from brain research, we think the prospects are good that we can take the lead within the market segment of knowledge engines." is still at the beginning. However, the ever growing number of users, the stunning feedback from all over the world and the continuously increasing knowledge depth of the engine are as promising as the Red Herring Europe Top 100 Award.

About vionto GmbH

Our approach is inspired by current research results from cognitive science, computational linguistics and neurobiology. We aim at radically improving the way users interact with knowledge and information online. Recent studies show that human thought processes have a strong visual component and that the brain can process images significantly faster than textual information. We are convinced that it is time for innovative, interactive, visual methods of working with and discovering facts and information instead of wading through ever longer lists of documents and search results.

vionto GmbH is based in Berlin. The company was founded in 2008 and is funded using venture capital. Brain researcher Dr. Martin Hirsch is the grandson of physicist and Nobel laureate Werner Heisenberg.

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