Second Annual Freescale Technology Forum Brings Industry Face to Face with Zigbee Designs for the Future

The second annual Freescale Technology Forum is well underway in Orlando, Florida, and the reviews are as bright as the talent being showcased.

Indianapolis, IN, July 26, 2006 --( In only its second year, the Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) is quickly becoming the embedded semiconductor industry’s foremost developer conference. This high-profile event is bringing together engineers, partners, executives, journalists, and analysts for a week of exploration into the possibilities of design freedom.

FTF is also offering an intense look at innovative solutions with practical demonstrations from recognized industry leaders and talented newcomers.

Indianapolis-based engineering firm, Indesign, LLC is among the presenters at this year’s event. From their pedestal in the technology lab, they are hosting demos of a ColdFire®-based Point-of-Sale Reference Design along with their ZigBee™ Reference Design.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the turn-out. This is a premier event, and we’re thrilled to be part of the action. It’s motivating to look around and see all the ideas that will soon be setting standards for our industry,” shared Ron Kern, Director of Technical Marketing for Indesign.

In a session that focuses on designing with the ColdFire processor, Indesign is partnering with Freescale Semiconductor to provide insight into secure connectivity applications.

Forum participants can learn about the open source and design development strategies used to create this secure application. The Point-of-Sale Reference Design, which is based on the uClinux™ operating system and uses the NanoX Open Source graphical user interface (GUI) configuration tool, is featured during the presentation.

Additionally, Indesign is offering a ZigBee demonstration based on Freescale Semiconductor’s MC9S08GB60 microcontroller and 13193 transceiver, which highlights the benefits of developing custom wireless products using 802.15.4/ZigBee building blocks. The reference design showcases Indesign’s ZigBee hardware/software design capabilities. Freescale Technology Forum attendees can view the ZigBee reference design first-hand by visiting Indesign in the Technology Lab.

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Indesign is an engineering design services firm with a proven record of helping companies develop new electronic devices. Engineering disciplines consist of electrical/circuit design, software/firmware design, mechanical design, human factors design, and testing/validation with a strong emphasis on products utilizing embedded microprocessors and DSPs.

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