The Third Suburban Warrior Challenge Fitness Competition to be Held on the Beach

MBody Strength has announced the third Suburban Warrior Challenge kettlebell fitness competition. This will be the first Suburban Warrior Challenge to be held on the beach and to feature three exercise challenges.

Costa Mesa, CA, April 17, 2009 --( The third in a series of extreme fitness competitions, the latest Suburban Warrior Challenge promises to be one of the most difficult. Hosted by unconventional fitness company MBody Strength, this Orange County fitness competition is the ultimate marathon of new types of exercise.

“The third Suburban Warrior Challenge is the first to be held on the beach, creating a different kind of challenge,” stated Marcus Martinez, MBody Strength’s founder and member. “For anyone who’s ever tried to run on the sand, you know how fast it can get your heart pumping.”

The Suburban Warrior Challenge III fitness competition has been nicknamed The Sand Trek for good reason. Participants will need to hike 2 miles in the dry sand of Bolsa Chica State Beach in Huntington Beach, California, all while carrying a weighted backpack and a kettlebell in their hands.

Every half mile of the sand marathon, competitors will stop to perform a set of 100 reps of an exercise. The first exercise will be push ups, second will be kettlebell snatches, and the third will be kettlebell clean and presses. The exercise portions of the Suburban Warrior Challenge III fitness competition are meant to further test the strength and endurance of participants.

Experienced kettlebell trainers will be onsite to teach people how to do the kettlebell exercises if necessary. Several competitors at the previous Suburban Warrior Challenges had never used kettlebells prior to participating, but still managed to post respectable times.

Competitors will be using the MBody KettleBack™, the first and only backpack designed specifically to carry kettlebells for weighted hiking. MBody Strength developed the heavy-duty backpack after searching for an effective, new strength and conditioning training method. Weighted hiking is used extensively by the military to train soldiers for duty. Known as Ruck Marches, Forced Marches, or Humps, soldiers walk at a fast pace over rough terrain with at least 45 pounds in a backpack.

There will be four divisions in the competition, Men’s Division 1 and 2 and Women’s Division 1 and 2. Here is the breakdown of what each division will be required to carry:
* Men’s Division 1: 60lb Pack/18lb Arm Load/53lb Kettlebell for Exercises
* Men’s Division 2: 40lb Pack/18lb Arm Load/35lb Kettlebell for Exercises
* Women’s Division 1: 32lb Pack/9lb Arm Load/26lb Kettlebell for Exercises
* Women’s Division 2: 25lb Pack/9lb Arm Load/18lb Kettlebell for Exercises

The competition will occur on May 9th, 2009 from 8:00am to 12:00pm at Bosla Chica State Beach in Huntington Beach, California. The entry fee is $15 and participants must be at least 18 years of age. All necessary equipment will be provided, including weighted hiking pack and kettlebells. Participants will also receive a free Likida Stainless Steel Water Bottle for participating. The winner of each division will receive an Apollo kettlebell.

“This really is a marathon of new fitness training techniques,” said Marcus Martinez. “If you are looking to challenge yourself, come compete and find out if you can post the best time.”

MBody Strength LLC
Marcus Martinez