Planet Lovers Unite... April 22 is Earth Day

Sylvan Dell Publishing offers ways to celebrate Earth Day with your family.

Mount Pleasant, SC, April 18, 2009 --( The planet Earth is fascinating. Not only is it the sole place in the universe where life is known to exist, but it is also over 4.6 billion years old! Since its existence, Earth has definitely seen its share of wear and tear, with such environmental issues as global warming and pollution constantly looming. Since April 22 is the worldwide celebration of Earth Day, why don’t you and your family spend the day together, celebrating our planet home?

The year was 1962, and Senator Gaylord Nelson had a vision. He wanted to shift the state of the environment, a political non-issue at the time, towards the top of the political agenda. President Kennedy agreed, and Earth Day was officially born in 1970. Today, Earth Day highlights the global efforts of planet lovers from all over the world, as they fulfill one mission: improving the environment.

Since the condition of the earth is affected by all of us, why not get your family involved with the conservation efforts? Here are some ways you can celebrate Earth Day as a family:

Plant a tree in your backyard. Visit a local nursery with your kids and have them pick out the perfect tree for your yard. Planting a tree yourself can actually keep soil in place to prevent erosion. It also helps to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycle, recycle, recycle. Encourage your children to avoid wasting valuable resources by recycling. If you haven’t done so already, gather different recycling bins and designate one for plastics, paper products, aluminum, and glass products.

Read a Sylvan Dell Publishing book together. Sylvan Dell Publishing distributes picture books with science, math, and nature themes that excite children’s imaginations through fun stories, vibrant artwork, and a 3-5 page “For Creative Minds” educational section in the back of each book. But that is just the start…what really makes the books unique, is their tremendous amount of free, online educational material available for cross-curricular learning, including: Teaching Activities, Interactive Reading and Math Quizzes, and much more. Need help choosing some good titles for Earth Day? Here are some suggestions…

- Carolina’s Story - This heartwarming photographic journal describes a critically ill sea turtle as she is nursed back to health at a Sea Turtle Hospital, and then, she is returned to her home in the sea.
- Christmas Eve Blizzard - A young boy and his grandpa push aside their Christmas preparation to rescue a beautiful cardinal during a blizzard and nurse it back to health.
- Turtles in My Sandbox - When a diamondback terrapin lays eggs in a girl’s sandbox, she becomes a “turtle-sitter.” She learns about these animals and makes an important contribution to their survival.

Find these books and more on the Sylvan Dell website at For more information about Earth Day, April 22, 2009, visit

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Sara Dobie