Skincare Brushes New Breakthrough in Beauty

Anisa International, Inc. understands the changing face of beauty and cosmetics. Their new five-piece skincare cosmetic brush set will revolutionize the way in which consumers apply their skincare products.

Atlanta, GA, April 22, 2009 --( Anisa International, Inc. creates specialized brush system to enhance skincare.

Anisa International Inc., a premiere brush manufacturer, announces the launch of a new line of exclusive skincare brushes promoting smoother application, as well as a reduction in bacteria transmission and product waste.

Through the company’s signature creative vision, Anisa International has designed a set of brushes to enhance the daily skin care regimen. This unique, five-step skincare system created by Anisa includes brushes for use in cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, delicate under eye care and blemish treatment. Each brush is carefully crafted from all synthetic fibers, with a uniquely created head for each specific function.

Anisa International believes that through the use of these cutting-edge tools, consumers will reduce bacteria transmission that is common when using fingers or sponges. In addition, consumers will cut down on product waste, as each brush is carefully crafted with its purpose in mind, allowing for smoother and more accurate application of skincare products.

“At Anisa, our goal is to customize brushes for our clients, as well as pioneer new ideas with their existing products in mind.” said company President Anisa Telwar. “We believe that skincare is equally important to cosmetics customers and have created a product for our clients that reflects that.”

While consumers have commonly used brushes for application of traditional cosmetics such as powders, lipstick and eye shadows, the new application of brushes is this arena is a breakthrough in the way that consumers will view their daily skincare regimen.


Anisa International, Inc. specializes in the innovative design and manufacturing of health and beauty product lines including a variety of professional cosmetic brushes and brush sets, and promotional and skin care accessories. Being a fully integrated global corporation, Anisa International offers clients a true partnership combined with transparency in the product development department and manufacturing process which in turn creates the highest quality, most cost effective and creative product choices. For more information, please visit
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Leslie Houck