Gary Stokes Brings a Range of Corporate and Entrepreneurial Experience to ActionCOACH

With a passion for helping others achieve success, Gary Stokes also believes he will be able to strike a balance between his personal and professional life by joining ActionCOACH.

Las Vegas, NV, April 22, 2009 --( In retrospect, when Gary Stokes thought about the one thing in his previous jobs he enjoyed the most, he realized that it was the time spent working with his own team, developing and coaching them to achieve common organizational as well as personal goals.

This is what led him to business coaching. Stokes heard about ActionCOACH through a franchise rankings article in Entrepreneur magazine, which ranked the company at the number one spot in the category of business coaching.

Working mostly in global business organizations, Stokes had little time to focus on the local businesses, where he believes lasting impact can be made. This is one of the main reasons he invested in an ActionCOACH business coaching firm along with his wife.

“The most pressing reason for me to join ActionCOACH was the inherent opportunity to more firmly establish myself and my new firm as positive influences in the Harford County area, through our business as well as through charitable activities,” he said. “So many businesses are under heavy pressure due to the economic crisis, and we have the desire and the ability to help those companies not just survive, but thrive.”

Stokes believes the ActionCOACH opportunity will allow him not only to have a positive impact on his local community by helping businesses achieve better results, but also enable him to enjoy an entrepreneurial lifestyle with the freedom to balance his work and family life.

Stokes, whose office will be located in Harford County, MD – 15 miles from the Baltimore city limits, had a favorable first impression of ActionCOACH.

“ActionCOACH has a powerful message. While ActionCOACH does not promise to wave a magic wand and make everything better, we help truly motivated business owners improve their business by going through a process that with the right mindset and genuine effort will produce great results,” he said.

Stokes believes that he has a mix of corporate background and entrepreneurial experience that will be very useful in his new role as an ActionCOACH.

“Having performed in a number of leadership roles in a variety of functional areas has given me real experience in coaching many people with different styles, different motivations, different goals, and different skills,” he said. “And as an owner or co-owner of multiple businesses myself, I understand the challenges that those in the entrepreneurial environment face every day.”

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